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Adventures (so far)

GM: Pat V. (unless otherwise noted)
“The Heroes Gather” - part 1
vs. The Confectioneer, The Spice Gals & The Baker’s Dozen, 1: Kid Dinosaur
1: Gadget, 1: Gamma Girl VI, 1: Jack, 1: Java Joe, 1: The Spectacular Squirrel
January 16, 2000
“The Heroes Gather” - part 2
vs. The Confectioneer, The Spice Gals & The Baker’s Dozen
January 23, 2000
“Luck Like an Egyptian”
vs. Professor Fate, Lady Luck & The High Rollers
1: HEROES ‘R US, 1: Rick Rodgers, 1: Dr. & Dr. Curio
February 13, 2000
“Time to Make Time” - part 1
vs. The Timekeeper & The Second Hand Gang
March 26, 2000
“Time to Make Time” - part 2
vs. The Timekeeper & The Second Hand Gang
April 16, 2000
“Y2K Buggy”
vs. Y2Kate & the REMBots, 1: Young Casanova Frankenstein, 1: Latte Lass, 1: GIGO
October 8, 2000
“Beauty School Dropout” - part 1
vs. 1: Giorgianne Frankie (the Wicked Witch of East Pageant), 1: George & Frank
December 17, 2000 - Guest GM: Devin
“Beauty School Dropout” - part 2
vs. Giorgianne Frankie (the Wicked Witch of East Pageant) and the 1: Clowns of Choas; Bella daBall, Calliopi Jane & Chimp Chimp, Fire Marshal Clown, Knee-Hi Grape Gorilla, Punch, and Sucker Punch.
January 7, 2001 - Guest GM: Devin
“Walkman like an Egyptian”
vs. Queen Tut (aka CleoPatty) & the Tutlings, I: Lucky Cap’t Rabbit King, 1: Scratch, 1: X.P.O. Ray
January 28, 2001
10 “The ReReturn of Captain Invincible”
vs. Mr. Midnight, R: Captain Invincible
February 18, 2001 - Guest GM: Brian
11 “Time for Clockwise”
vs. Clockwise, Hourglass, Big Hand & Little Hand, 1: Loda, IR: Reginald C. Chimp,
1: Dr. Sagendorf
February 25, 2001
12 “Wouldn’t You Like to be a Radioactive Pepper Too?”
vs. Dr. Plutonium, Neutrongirl & the RADicals Gang, L: Latte Lass, 1: Dworf
April 8, 2001
13 "
vs. Dr. Ti’Chi, Ti’Chia Pets, 1: Justicar N’dar, 1: Star Trekker
May 6, 2001 - Guest GM: Brian
14 “Where No Sci-Fi Geek Has Gone Before”
vs. Sarris & the Sarrisens, Klingons & Amazons (oh my!), O: Star Trekker,
D: Ltjg. Abin Sur
June 3, 2001
    Flashback to CAMPCON 2000, the annual sci-fi convention is again being held at the Campaign City Convention Center.  Little did, volunteer janitor and sci-fi geek, D.J. Connor know this day would change his life forever.  From a dying alien, he is given a strange uniform and equipment and becomes...Star Trekker.  The Additionals are called in after an alien named Sarris shows up and begins shooting at other real aliens, Klingons and Space Amazons. They are all here looking for something called the “Continuim Transfunctioner”
    Teaming up with the Space Amazons and Star Trekker, they find the mysterious device disguised as a tribble just before the Klingons and Sarris begin more shooting.  To avert a terrible tragedy, the device’s OMEGA-13 setting is activated giving The Additionals and Star Trekker and chance to redo the past.
15 “They Did the Bulkster Bash”
vs. The Incredulous Bulk, 1: Women in Black (WiB)
June 17, 2001
    Mild mannered Bruce Danner after a weekend of binge drinking some of Dr. Plutonium’s Red Hot Radioactive Pepper Soda and eating lots of beans turns into the Incredulous BULK!  He comes to The Additionals attention when he “lifts” a delivery truck full of regular Dr. Pepper and then brings it to his house.
    Two “Women in Black” visit The Additionals to check-in on the alien N’dar.  Gadget
meets the mysterious Mr. Chips, new owner of Tyler Toys via her computer monitor.  Later, Rabbi Yackman has dinner at the Graham residence much to Gamma Girls chagrin.  And lastly, out of work Santa’s in “Jack” costumes begin handing out coupons to passerby’s on the sidewalk for the grand re-opening of Jack’s Restaurant.
16 “The Great Candy Caper” - part 1
vs. Candy Cannibal & The Candy Land Gang
August 12, 2001
    Excitement builds all over Campaign City as the Nestle Corporation announces a Million Dollar Giveaway hidden in 10 specially marked packages of Nestle’s 100 Grand Candy Bar.  The teams new “trouble alert” is installed at the base, but no one likes the voice.  Friday sees both the grand re-opening of Jack’s Restaurant and the start of the candy promotion.  The trouble alert goes off when the Candy Cannibal’s Candyland Gang tries to steal cases of candy from a local CHEAPCO store.  Gamma Girl is excited that the boy band 2Gether will be performing at her school and the Spectacular Squirrel meets the Sextacular Squirrel!
17 “The Great Candy Caper” - part 2
vs. Candy Cannibal & The Candy Land Gang
October 7, 2001
    Heroes Candyman and Peppermint Patty arrive to help The Additionals in the wake of the Million Dollar Giveaway in Nestle 100 Grand candy bars.  A Sister Mary Minor visits the Graham Foundation to enlist their help with a problem at her school, where she is the Principal.  The Candyland Gang strikes next at the Dairy King trying to steal the candy bars used in the Blizzard ice cream treats.  A fight in the parking lot is hampered by out of control roller girl waitresses trying to get out of the way and many parked cars awaiting their orders.
18 “The Great Candy Caper” - part 3
vs. Candy Cannibal & The Candy Land Gang
October 21, 2001
    Java Joe goes on a date with Flo (an older rollergirl waitress from Dairy King) when a call from his secretary, Bea, leads to the Additionals converging on the abandoned Jockey Cotton Candy Underwear Plant.  It is the secret hideaway for the Candy Cannibal and his remaining Candyland Gang members.  The Candy Cannibal sets off a giant cotton candy spinner on overload to cover his escape when Java Joe diffuses the explosion with a well placed coffee splash.
    The next day, The Additionals begin undercover work at St., Mary Marmalade’s.  New transfer student, Geralynn “Gamma Girl” Grayson gets picked on by a school bully and punches her, but gets caught by Ms. Croft the assistant headmistress and gets 10 demerits for fighting. Groundskeeper “Spectacular Squirrel” Willie spends most of his day mowing the extensive grounds of the school.  Custodian Melvin “Star Trekker” Funkelstein discovers that the school is built over a tunnel complex and bomb shelter.
    Mr. “Jack” Jack, new drama teacher introduces his class to a new original play, “Planet of the Apes - the Musical” for rehearsal.  Ms. Penny “Gadget” O’Brain starts her shop class onto forging metal wind-up robots.  Father William “Java Joe” Joe teaches religion and discovers that Gamma Girl, born Jewish, is very lost in his class.  That night, Jack discovers that the students and faculty have been drugged into a deep sleep and he is nearly crushed by a gothic gargoyle statue that falls from the student dormitory roof.  Meanwhile, strange noises echo from nearby Pirate Point...
19 “The Pirates of Penance” - part 1
vs. Captain Hitch/Mr. Pitard & his Hitchlings gang.
December 2, 2001
    A Catholic school girl has recently disappeared at St. Mary Marmalade of the Preserves All Girls Boarding School and Convent.  Some male teachers have likewise gone missing and over the Christmas break, the school groundskeeper, Boothby, was found dead having fallen down the cliffside.  The school was already struggling to stay open and more bad publicity would surely close it down.  The Additionals continue their undercover work with Java Joe checking out the tunnels and Jack jogging out to nearby Pirate Point.  Suspecting the school’s milk supply, Star Trekker steals a carton and Gadget analyzes it to discover a sleeping sedative has been added to it!  Learning about an old legend of Captain Hitch a once famous pirate that once sailed the nearby waters, Star Trekker discovers a cave tunnel that leads to Pirate’s Point that is attached to
the schools underground complex.
    Waiting for dark, The Additionals enter the tunnel and follow it to a cove occupied by
smugglers trying to use the old Captain Hitch legend to keep away curious onlookers.  The smugglers which consist of the missing male teachers are led by Mr. Pitard, the former drama teacher, dressed as the old pirate, Captain Hitch!  Ms. Croft the assistant Headmistress turns out to be archeologist and adventurer Laurie Croft who helps The Additionals defeat the smugglers and find the missing student who discovered their secret and was forced to work as a “cabin girl”.
    All seems well until the real ghost of Captain Hitch shows up and promises to haunt and curse the halls of St. Mary Marmalade until everyone leaves Hitch Hill and Pirate Point.
“The Pirates of Penance” - part 2
vs. Captain Hitch (the ghost), 1: Laurie Croft
January 13, 2002
    The next day at St. Mary Marmalade’s would have been one of rejoicing except for the ghosts of Captain Hitch and his fellow pirates begin haunting the school, resulting in 182 “girly” screams.  The Additionals, now no longer undercover find an old poem telling them how to find the real pirate lair and last resting place of Captain Hitch and his ship the Inferno.  They survive the traps and dangers of the journey to discover the Inferno and it’s vast pirate booty.
    They defeat the ghostly pirates by fighting them with weapons found onboard the ship. But Captain Hitch is another matter as he fires the cannons opening a hole in the cave wall imprisoning his ship and sets off to the deep sea.  The heroes jump overboard and swim back to the shore, but the valuable gemstones earlier hidden away in Gamma Girl’s wonderbra are enough to ensure that the school will be able to remain open.
“Something Soapy This Way Comes”
Secret Society of Soaper Villains
March 10, 2002
    Their undercover work being complete, The Additionals return to their normal boring
super lives, except Jack who stays at St. Mary Marmalade of the Preserves to continue teaching the drama class.  The Additionals follow Towelie, a rejected sometime member of the Secret Society of Soaper Villains.  He leads them to believe that the villains will disrupt the grand opening of the new Auto Bell “2 lanes - no waiting” largest car wash on the Left Coast.  Sure enough the bad guys show up and attempt to rob all of the families from their cars in line to be washed.  Later that evening after getting rinsed and dried the opening night of the school’s play “Planet of the Apes - the Musical” is attended by all.
“The Not-So Great Train Robbery”
vs. Six-Gun Stan and the Six-Gun Gang
November 10, 2002
    It’s Spring Break and Gadget’s cousin , Jeffrey arrives in town on a train that experiences a daylight train robbery.  The Additionals get tickets to the R,R&R Railroad’s Golden State Zephyr train that only runs on the weekends between Golden Gate City and Campaign City.  Once on board, Gamma Girl kisses Jeffrey, but are interrupted by the appearance of Six-Gun Stan and the Six-Gun Gang.  Meanwhile, Young Casanova Frankenstein announces his candidacy for Mayor.
23 "Great Balls of 8" - part 1
vs. Minnesota Fatso & the Crazy 8's, 1: Ninja Princess
February 8, 2004
24 "Great Balls of 8" - part 2
vs. Minnesota Fatso & the Crazy 8's
April 18, 2004
25 "The Geeks Shall Inherit the Remote"
vs. Control Geek, 1: Catcher Block
July 4, 2004
26 "Pleasantville, USA" - part 1
1: TV Repairman
August 22, 2004
27 "Pleasantville, USA" - part 2
October 31, 2004
28 "½ Price Evil"
vs. Cheapo & the 99 Cents Gang, 1: Pillage People, 1: Lunar Cadets
January 2, 2005
29 "Harry Potter and the Horrible Parody" - part 1
vs. the Bookworm
July 24, 2005
"Harry Potter and the Horrible Parody" - part 2
vs. the Bookworm
August 14, 2005

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