by Rachel S.

City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Robyn Mayfield
Sex: Female
Hgt: 120#            Wgt: 5' 8"
Hair: red             Eyes: green

Quote: "Wait - if I only had (insert gadget here) - oh, here we go!"

MacGyver-like Gadgeteer (4)
Tools: Tools, parts, anything and everything on hand.
Tasks: Make cool stuff out of ordinary stuff.  Take apart inventions for parts.

Non-Violent Toy Designer that doesn't like kids (3)
Tools: Slide rule, pencil & paper
Tasks: Make toys for good girls and boys, as long as they are not seen or heard.

Absent-Minded Inventor (3)
Tools: Invention-of-the-day or dad's old inventions.
"Here's something! - I should have labeled this..."

Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Sidekick: D.A.D.-bot
Tasks: Bumps into things and give fatherly advice.

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