To understand the origin of Gamma Girl, one must first learn about her father...

Radioactive Man
    It was late 1941 and the United States has abruptly entered World War II.  George & Gloria Graham have been married just a few months after meeting while attending Campaign State University and now had a young daughter, Grace.  The war effort goes into full swing and George immediately enlists, but is found to be 4F and is sent back to college.  A year later, he graduates with a Master’s degree in physics and is quietly recruited to join a new ultra-secretive government program, The Manhatten Project.  Within months, the young family finds itself living in army housing in Los Alamos, Nevada.

    By 1944 the project was in full swing developing the first atomic bomb.  George found himself amongst the inner circle of doctors, mathematicians and scientists that headed the project.  The small community bonded quickly and worked well together, with but a few exceptions.  One of them being Dr. Isaac Yanoff he was insufferable and overbearing, always insisting that his theories and computations were correct.  George was assigned to be his assistant in an attempt to temper his radical research.  Dr. Yanoff’s wife, Leslie was also part of their research team.

    Then one day in 1945, Dr. Yanoff went too far with one of his experiments trying to create man-made stable uranium isotopes, he made Uranium-237 but he also caused a small nuclear explosion. The Doctor and George were caught in the blast, which leveled the lab, but amazingly and inexplicably, left both men alive and uninjured.  However, Leslie Yanoff was not so lucky, she was killed in the accident.  Surviving the accident did not mean that they were totally unaffected by the atomic reaction. Both gained amazing powers and incredible super-human abilities.

    The investigation afterwards found Dr. Yanoff wholly responsible for the accident and he was politely asked to leave the project.  Of course, he blamed George for his failure and swore revenge on everyone involved in the project.  George went on to help with the successful completion of the world’s first atomic bombs, which helped end World War II.

    Not long after the project and the war ended, many of the people involved began to die in strange accidents.  In 1948, George eventually discovered that Dr. Yanoff was involved and he confronted him, only to discover that he was now calling himself, Dr. Plutonium and he intended to use his powers for evil.  George then became Radioactive Man and began using his powers for good.

Gamma Girl
    In 1951, the Graham’s first daughter, Grace was ten years old when she donned a costume and began assisting her father as Gamma Girl.  At first, Radioactive Man sent his daughter home wrapped up in her cape to be with her mother where it was safe.  But the eventual appearance of Dr. Plutonium’s radioactively-experimented & enhanced daughter, Neutrongirl helped to change George’s mind about letting his daughter help out.

    The first Gamma Girl had no real powers, so George built her an Atomic Lunchbox and placed in it a piece of Uranium-237.  With her determination, courage and a little help from her lunchbox, she helped turn the tide in Radioactive Man’s favor more often then not, plus he enjoyed having his eager daughter along with his adventures.

    In 1947, the Graham’s had their second daughter, Gillian, at first she seemed like any normal baby girl.  But by age 6 it was obvious that being born with the benefit of her father’s radioactive genes giving her super-powers.  When she was 10 she began training with her father and older sister.  The Graham’s decided to not let Gillian begin “helping out” until she turned 13, and became a young woman in the eyes of the Jewish religion.

    So after nine years as Gamma Girl, Grace retired and Gillian donned the colorful costume shortly after her bat’ mitzvah (Jewish coming of age) ceremony in 1950.  Gamma Girl II had both super-powers similar to her father’s and was armed with a newer version of the Atomic Lunchbox.  Together this new duo were a powerful force for good.

    By the time Gillian retired and the Graham’s  third daughter, Gabriela became Gamma Girl III it became very obvious that Dr. Plutonium’s daughter Neutrongirl was no longer physically aging due to her father’s original radiation experiments & treatments, she was now a 30 year old woman stuck in the body of a 16 year old girl.

    Each Gamma Girl has steadfastly stood by their father as his sidekick through almost 50 years of adventures.  Each has retained the basic look of the original Gamma Girl costume (sewn by their mother), hair-style and used similar Atomic Lunchboxes (although they have been improved upon and gotten smaller in size).  Each has worked for about 10 years and then retired to pass the costume on to her younger sister.  After retiring, all the previous five Graham daughters have gotten married to nice Jewish doctors and had normal children and led relatively normal lives.

    Now, in the year 2000, Radioactive Man is over 80 years old, times have changed and the Graham’s last daughter, Geralynn (she prefers Geri), has just turned 13.  She feels the need to continue the tradition of Gamma Girl but also feels that her father may be too old to continue to be a super-hero.  So she hopes to continue on alone (if necessary), helping out her father and maybe even joining the A-Teens.

Radioactive Man & family
George Graham - born 1918  1: Radioactive Man 1948    - semi-retired 2000
Gloria Graham - born 1924  1: Radioactive Woman 1955    - no powers / retired 1955
Pluto (dog) - born 1984  1: Pluto - T.R.D. 1985    - retired 1996/died 1998
    (T.R.D. = The Radioactive Dog)

Gamma Girl
Grace Graham - born 1941  1: Gamma Girl I 1951    - no powers / retired 1960
    - Quote: “Great Gamma Rays!”
Gillian Graham - born 1947  1: Gamma Girl II 1960    - strength / retired 1970
    - Quote: “Groovy Gammas!”
Gabriela Graham - born 1957  1: Gamma Girl III 1970    - flight / retired 1980
    - Quote: “It’s Gammarific!”
Gayle Graham - born 1967  1: Gamma Girl IV 1980    - x-ray vision / retired 1990
    - Quote: “Totally Rad!”
Genevieve Graham - born 1977  1: Gamma Girl V 1990    - transfer / retired 2000
    -Quote: “Mega-Gamma!”
Geralynn Graham - born 1987  1: Gamma Girl VI 2000     - EMP
   - Quote: working on it...

Doctor Plutonium & family
Dr. Isaac Yanoff - born 1912  1: Dr. Plutonium 1946
Leslie Yanoff - born 1918 - died 1945
Rebecca Yanoff - born 1944  1: Neutrongirl 1954   
    - Quote: “Neutralize this!”

In a world full of superheroes, they were . . .

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