by Pat V
City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Geralyn "Geri" Graham
Sex: Female        Age: 13
Hgt: 97#              Wgt: 5' 1"
Hair: brunette     Eyes: brown

Quote: "I'm working on it !"

Radioactive Mutant Sidekick to Dad. (3)
Tools: Atomic Lunch Box with  Uranium-237, Cape.
Tasks: Lunch Box BASH, EMP Pulse, Glowing and/or Blinding Light, Geiger Counter sense.
Pampered Teen Shopaholic Girl with a Trust Fund that's afraid of Spiders (3)
Tools: Cell phone, Charge cards, Make-up.
Tasks: Shop 'til you drop.  Mall layout, Detect Sales.
Junior High Student that would rather go out on Patrol looking for Trouble (2)
Tools: Backpack with school books and peechees.
Tasks: Boy band crushes, gossip, homework.
Kid Nuclear Physicist (2)
Tools: NO protective gear needed.
Tasks: My Dad taught me that.
Lucky Shots:  [ ] [ ] [ ]
Shieldmate: Mom-on-speed dial (3)
Tools: Station wagon, purse with almost everything.
Tasks: Errands, packing lunches, kid shuttle service.

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