Jack (born Jack Sanders) had a relatively uneventful childhood.  Oh, sure, the other kids teased him because he looked a little different than all of the other boys and girls, but his parents told him:  It's not what you look like on the outside that counts, but who you are on the inside."  Jack knew that he didn't want to be a social outcast for the rest of his life, so he did everything he could to make himself a better person.

    By the time Jack hit college, he excelled at academics, sports, and life in general.  There wasn't anything that Jack failed at, if he put his mind to it.  Jack made Golden Gloves in boxing by his junior year at the University of Chatanooga, and placed second in county for wrestling four years running (Jack had a problem breaking out of headlocks, for some reason).  He excelled in speech competitions, and played the lead role in the senior production of "Oh! Einstein". Jack has a masters degree in Communication.

    While in college, Jack met the people who would shape his future.  A long-term romance with a woman by the name of Jill McDonald turned to marriage shortly after college.  As Jack turned 24, the happy couple gave birth to Jack Jr., the spitting image of his father.  Jack met his future business partners while attending the University of Chatanooga.  Four friends, Terry Graham, Bob Lacrosse, Margaret Baretta, and Bill Hopkins were working on the business plan of a fast-food restaurant chain for their doctoral thesis.

    Jack became involved with the project when he agreed to act as the restaurant's spokesperson. Jack's dream was to make the world a better place.  He knew that he could make an impact here by  insisting that the chain use recycled goods, and by promoting a healthy, family-oriented restaurant. The thesis work was a rousing success, and within a couple of years the five friends had all of the investors and capital needed to put their plan into action.  This was the beginning of Jack's Box.

    There were problems from the start.  Jack, as the spokesperson for the restaurant, did not have the power to shape day-to-day decisions in the business.  The contracts to acquire recycled goods were soon discarded in favor of other vendors, and rumors of corruption spread throughout the company. Jack was enjoying making commercials, and being involved in the creative process of promoting the restaurant, but the dream soon became a nightmare.

    Restaurants were closed from outbreaks of hepatitis and e-coli.  Rumors started floating around concerning horse meat in the burgers, and rat tails in the fries.  Accusations were made that the ice cream was actually a non-dairy substitute!  Worse, some of the toys given away in the kids meals were deemed unsafe for toddlers.  Then things really went to hell.  Discontented franchisees brought lawsuits against the founders of the company, decrying rampant bribery, corruption, and sexual harassment.  Terry Graham was caught with a (cross-dressing!) prostitute, and Margaret Baretta had a known drinking problem.  Rumors that the local Italian mafia might be behind some of the restaurantís troubles didnít help.  Things were looking bad.

    Jack was found innocent of the charges brought against the founders, but not before the stress from the lawsuits broke apart his marriage.  Jack Jr. was given into his mothers care.  Government fines and legal fees eventually shut down the restaurant chain, and the company went bankrupt -- the original  founders are still in court fighting the charges brought against them and trying to restructure the restaurant finances.  Jobless and alone for the first time in many years, Jack has set about rebuilding his life.

    Walking the streets one night, Jack came across an older woman being harassed by some street punks.  Knowing that it was the right thing to do, Jack went to the woman's defense -- rescuing the woman from an otherwise unpleasant evening, but gaining the animosity of a group calling themselves the Spanish Flyboys.  After that evening, Jack realised that maybe he can still make the world a better place.  Not in one sweeping motion, as he intended with Jack's Box, but one life at a time.

    Jack is now 35 years old, and has been divorced for one year.  He recently purchased a new house -- smaller than the one his wife got -- and is trying to rebuild his life.  Maybe, just maybe, there is some room in this new life for some heroism.  Jack could be a vigilante, couldn't he?

In a world full of superheroes, they were . . .

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