by Devin S.

City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Jack Sanders
Sex: Male
Hgt: 195#        Wgt: 6' 8" (without hat)
Hair: bald        Eyes: blue

Quote: "Have you tried our great Sourdough Jack ?"

Living Mascot (4)
Tasks: Mascotting, public relations, cheerleading.

Jack, of all trades (3)
Tools:Varies by commercial - whistle - parachute - spacesuit, etc.
Tasks: Varies by commercial, - football coach - skydiver - astronaut, etc.

Restaurateur & Businessman (3)
Tools: Phone, Business Suit
Running a fastfood franchise, attending business lunches, golf.

Good Father and newly divorced homemaker (2)
Tasks: Taking care of Jack Jr. on weekends.

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