Kid Dinosaur

Super-Team: looking to join
City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Arnold "Arnie" Anderson
Sex: Male         Age: 10
Hgt: 75#           Wgt: 4' 6"
Hair: brown     Eyes: blue

Quote: "Wait for me !" or <insert dinosaur noise here>
(can't speak in dinosaur form)

Dino morphing powers (3)
Tools: No clothes.
Tasks: Can do anything a 4'6" 75 pound dinosaur can do.
Pterodactyl flies | Pleisiosaurus swims |
Ankylosaurus smashes.

Grade Schooler
Tools: Backpack, candy and school/comic books.
Tasks: Homework and recess.  Dinosaur expert.

Super powered wannabe/groupie (2)
Tools: Super News Magazine.
Tasks: Follows super news and appearances.
Tries to impress "fellow" supers and join-in/help.

Lucky Shots:  [ ] [ ] [ ]

In a world full of superheroes, they were . . .

Last updated 10/15/2016.