Ninja Princess was born Caprese Panini, the much loved and pampered daughter of the mafia family.  For all that Caprese ever tried to be involved in the family business, her father wouldn't hear of it; he always told her that she shouldn't worry herself about the business and to just go do what she does best: be pretty.

     However, much to Caprese's dismay, she wasn't even allowed to go professional with what she did best.  Her family wouldn't allow her to go into acting or modeling professionally because it would bring too much publicity of the wrong sort on the family.  They didn't need reporters to have an excuse to hang around near the house taking pictures without fear of a long walk of a short pier in concrete boots.

     One day Caprese was exploring the house and accidently got trapped in the attic.  There she found something her younger brother had discarded: The Super Secret Correspondance School of Sneaky Ninja Tricks Manual.  Normally, reading really wasn't something Caprese did on purpose, but one must make exceptions when locked in an attic and bored.  She read the book, and decided to take the course (after someone let her out of the attic).  Soon she was certified as Super Secret Sneaky Ninja, and decided that if she couldn't participate in the family business officially, she would keep an eye on it and do whatever she pleased in secret.  Thus, Ninja Princess began her career.

In a world full of superheroes, they were . . .

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