by Alison B.

City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Caprice Panini
Sex: Female
Hgt: 125#           Wgt: 5' 4"
Hair: brunette     Eyes: blue

Quote: "You're not wearing THAT - are you ?"

Super Secret Correspondence School of Sneaky Ninja Tricks (4)
Tools: Pink Ninja Outfit, Doily Shurikens/Throwing Stars, smoke bombs & Pink Vespa motor bike.
Tasks: Sneaky ninja moves, climbing and fighting.

Mafia Princess (4)
Tools: Cell phone, tiara.
Knows the criminal underworld.  Bad girl with influence ("You do know WHO my father is...")

Deadly Sexy Fashionista (3)
Tools: Sunglasses, shoes & purse.
Shopping Expert and Fashion Critic.

Sidekick: Stunt Double, Tony (3)
Tasks: Taking hits in the face, chest, back, arms, legs.

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