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Antboy 2
Revenge of the Red Fury (2014)
Antboy 3

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Real Name:
Pelle Nøhrmann
"I am Antboy."

"The problem with you super villains is you talk too much."

  • Sugar, Soda & Sweets Fueled Super Showoff (4)
    • Tools: Ant Comm, Caped Battle Suit & Utility Belt filled with Sugary Snacks
    • Ant strength, Tracking Sense of Smell, Ant Bite, Acidic Urine and Wall Climbing.
  • Shy Insecure Sixth Grader/Tween Tyke on a Bike (3)
    • Tools: Bike
  • Glass-blower (1)
  • Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Questing Dice: vs. other Hercules-created supers [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Bitten by a genetically modified ant altered by the Hercules serum developed by Dr. Albert Gæmmelkra (aka The Flea).

Ida Sommersted

  • Organized Danish Dancing D.J. (3)
    • Tools: Headphones, Turntable, iPod making Lists
  • Junior Sleuth and Neglected Girlfriend to a busy Antboy (2)
  • Vegetarian (2)

Wilhelm Theisen

"Evil strikes when you least expect it."

"They're action figures!"

  • Enthusiastic & Analytical Gadget Guy with glasses (3)
  • Serious Comic Book & Memorabilia Collector (3)
  • Teen Tailor/Battle-Suit Maker (3)

sometimes helped by...

The Red Fury
(Astrid Juncher-Benzon)
Appears in Antboy II and III

Real Name: Maria Musajev
"Can't you see me ?  I can see you."

  • Mysteriously Cloaked Invisible Girl with a Temper (3)
    • Tools: Lux-Reflector Belt developed by her widower father a frustrated inventor
  • Shunned School-aged Seamstress that smells of vanilla (3)
    • Tools: Glasses and a Sewing Machine
  • Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Side-Kick (as in kicking sideways)
aka "The un-named hero", "the skater"
Appears in Antboy III

"It's my turn now."

  • Armored Battle Suited Super (3)
    • Tools: Smoke Bombs, "smoking/fog" Rocket Powered Skateboard, Mask with prescription lenses and a voice modulator
  • Acerbic and Acrobatic Kick Boxer/Skate Boarder disguised with the smell of sweat and lemons (3)
  • Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]

"To be a hero doesn't mean not having weaknesses."
- Commander Combat



the bad guys...

The Flea

Real Name: Dr. Albert Gæmmelkra


"Pesky ant."

  • Bio-Chemist creator of the groundbreaking Hercules serum (4)
    • Tools: Squeaky Leg Brace for his Arthritis
    • Knowledge of Insects/Entomology and Plants/Botany
  • Flea Powers (4)
    • Tools: Powered by Blood Tanks on back
    • Strength, Leaping, and Flea-like Agility
  • Rehabilitated but Publicly Persecuted Ex-Prisoner (3)
  • Questing Dice: Revenge vs. ExoFarm Inc. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Old Home that is full of little secrets (4)

  • Green House, Insect Farm, Secret Rooms & Labs
  • Neighborhood kids believe it is haunted by old Mrs. Gæmmelkra

Alicia Dufort

Appears in Antboy III

"To travel is to live."

  • New ExoFarm CEO, whose father Charles Dufort, owns the company (3)
    • Lovely, Manipulative & Greedy Businessperson
  • Globetrotting Trophy Hunter (3)
  • Atomic Exo-Suit Super Soldier Powers (5)
    • Tools: Exo-Skeleton Suit that is bothered by cell phone signals

   "They are not twins - Allan and Mark - they are just in the same class. They are in the 8th grade, but if you removed the hours of class they skipped, I don't think they are much past 4th grade."
- excerpt from Antboy: The Bite of the Ant (book)
by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen

Terror Twins
Allan | Mark
Appear in Antboy I & II

Real Name: Allan & Mark
"Game over Antboy."

  • Stag Beetle Powers (4)
    • Tools: Powered by Plant Juice
  • Not too Smart School Bullies (3)
    • Allan is the nervous one & Mark is the instigator
  • Paintball Warriors and Hockey Hooligans (3)
    • Tools: Paintball gun, Hockey Gear, Sticks and Skates

Bitten by a genetically modified stag beetle altered by the Hercules serum developed by Dr. Albert Gæmmelkra (aka The Flea) in Antboy II.

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