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Look, there on the ground, it's a nerd, he's insane, it's...

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Real Name: Darryl Walker
"Holy Double Jeopardy!"

"A life of crime,
is a waste of time."

  • Junkman Inventor (4)
    • Tools: Bullet-proof Jammies & Underwear, Boot-a-Rang, Electric Newchucks, Plunger Grappling Hook & Line, Speculum of Life, Rocket Roller Blades, Blank-Wheel bike
  • Gullible Geek Manchild (3)
  • Repairman of Household Appliance at Crudd's (2)
    • Tools: Glasses
  • Sidekick: J-5 robot (3)

Other Guy

Real Name: Kevin Walker
"He's gone blank, ma'am."

  • Street Brawler (3)
    • Karate Kicks
  • Cynical Comedy Straight Man (3)
  • Cameraman/Reporter at Hard/Edition and Channel TV3 (3)
    • Tools: Video Camera

Midget Man

"It's a big world and we all have to do our part."

  • One Tough Little Guy (3)
    • Tools: Chair
  • Seasonal Santa's Elf (3)

Coming to save your butt!

Okay, they could have been...
Brother Man & Karate Man

Fighting crime on a budget. Fighting crime in his underwear.
The world's biggest nerd is about to become its newest hero!

Last updated 10/19/2016.