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Freeze ray. Tell your friends.

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Dr. Horrible
(Neil Patrick Harris)

Real Name: Billy
"Horrible is just what the Doctor ordered"

The world is a mess and I just need to RULE it.

  • Evil Villain with a Ph.D. in Horribleness (3)
  • Evil Inventor that shares too much online (4)
    • Tools: Goggles, Transmatter Ray, Freeze Ray (stops time),      Horrible Van Remote (phone app), Stun Ray upgraded to a   Death Ray
  • Shy Dork trying to impress a girl, Penny (3)
  • Ambitious Villain trying to impress his hero, Bad Horse

Captain Hammer
(Nathan Fillion


"Thanks to me!"

"I remember it differently."

"I don't have time for your warnings."

  • Clueless Self-Centered Super Jock (4)
  • Thoughtless Uncaring Social Crusader (2)
  • Corporate Tool (3)
    • Tools: Command Center, Hammer Cycle, Hamm-Jet
  • One-Night Stand Womanizer (2)

  • Groupies "that do the weird stuff" (2)

(Simon Helberg)

"Life's a crime."

  • Damp and Soggy Evil Moisture Buddy (3)
    • Makes people feel like they want to take a shower
  • Second Banana / Best Friend (3)

Bad Horse

  • The Thoroughbred of Sin (6)
    • Terrible Death Whinny, Eats like a horse
  • Legendary Leader of the Evil League of Evil (5)
    • Rules with an iron hoof, commands the Henchman Union.
  • Race Horse with Terrible Table Manners (4)

Rob, Jed and Nick

Bad Horse Chorus
( )

  • Singing Telegram Messenger Trio (3)
  • Do-si-do for evil (3)
  • Bad Cowboys (3)

Dead Bowie

"Aaaaawww wham bam thank you ma'am!"


Fake Thomas Jefferson

  • 267 year old Past President and Founding Father (5)
    • Strength of five men, or three slaves, depending on your unit of measurement.
  • 18th century Colonial American Revolutionary (4)
    • Tools: Tri-corner Hat and a decorated pink sash
  • 18th century Renaissance Man (4)
    • adept in Horticulture, Architecture and Calligraphy
    • Tools: feather pen
  • Vice President of the Evil League of Evil (2)

Fury Leika

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

  • Vengeful Bride that was left at the alter (5)
    • Tools: Poisoned flower bouquet, Ball and Chain attached to her ankle, and Incendiary Rice.
  • Jewish Manicurist from Queens (4)
  • Shieldmates: four bridesmaids (each one carrying something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue).
  • Quest: "overwhelming desire to destroy every man" until she can find her future groom, Ira [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Professor Normal

  • Super Really Normal Guy in a Suit (5)
    • Tools: Ordinary business attire
  • Family Man (4)
    • Wife, three kids, and a mortgage
  • Future Mechanical Man (3)
    • cyborg jaw, he intends to eventually be completely cyborg
  • Inventor that works out of his garage. (3)
    • Metal Mutton Chops

Fake Thomas Jefferson, Professor Normal, the Phantom Ghost, Fury Leika, Snake Bite, Dead Bowie and Tie-Die.

E.L.E. reservists: Tur-Mohel and his Minyan, L'Enfant Terrible, The Reverend, Mr. Terrible, Princess Zombie, Calamitous Orphan, Lord Stabbington, Miss Broadway Dork, Duchess of Defeet, Princess Zelda's Son, Fidgety, and Movie Monkey.

Behind the scenes photos HERE.

Last updated 10/15/2016.