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"Fighting evil, so you don't have to."

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The Middleman

Wendy Watson

Real Name: Clarence Colton Jr.
Aliases: "the big green cheese"
"I'm just the Middle Man."

"Oh phooey."

"You spilled the slime, you clean the grime."

  • Polite, old fashioned, uniform wearing, exotic problem solver that fights evil and hates mad scientists trying to take over the world (5)
    • Tools: Green Eisenhower Jacket, BTRS (Beyond The Realm of Science) Scanner, Middle-clothes, Middlewatch, assorted Middle-vehicles (Middlemobile, Middleboat, Middlesub, Middlejet, Middlehog), InterroDroids, Fake ID's and lots of other Middle-gear.
    • Knowledge of aliens, monsters, and androids but not magic, that can memorize a crime scene at a glance and knows 18 Earth languages.
  • Ex-Navy Seal that knows how to stay dry and drinks four glasses of milk a day (4)
  • Church-going Fan of Westerns and Country Music that swore an oath to live clean and forsake vice (2)
    • Tools: Milk Flask
  • Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Aliases:  Dub-Dub, Dubbie

"One coffee and milk, hold the coffee for you, and
one coffee and milk, hold the milk for me."

"I'm gonna get my Buffy on."

  • Middleman-in-Training/Wisecracking Resourceful Temp & Expert X-Box Marksman with the ability to defeat evil and deal with emo at the same time (4)
    • Tools: Dad's Zippo Lighter, Middlewatch, Middlemobile 2, Middle-gear and many Fake ID's
  • Struggling Painter of Abstract Expressionist Renderings of Paranormal Phenomena that has a Problem with Authority (3)
  • Pilot that can fly any crate with wings and an engine (3)


"I've got good news, bad news, more bad news and worse news."

"I'm devoid of human emotion and that made me wanna wince."

"I’m a double-click away from making something go buh-bye."

  • Cranky & Insulting Android Receptionist at the Jolly Fats Wehawkin Employment Agency stuck in the from of a Domineering School Marm. (4)
  • Likes watching the Price is Right despite having all of the MSRP's programmed into her memory. (2)
  • Likes Paperwork and Origami (3)
  • Keeping the MIddleman in weapons and gadgets is her primary function and has connections to get tickets anywhere, as long as the fate of the world is at stake. (3)

I got recruited the exact same way you did.  And when the last Middleman hired me, he never said and I never asked. Ida was already there; so were all the weapons and gadgets and things.  Sometimes a box comes in with more weapons and gadgets and things.  I don’t know where they come from.  They just do.  Maybe Ida runs the show, maybe it’s the conspiracy.  Maybe it’s God.  I’m just the Middleman.

Other Middle-gear:

High Energy Yield Data Accumulation Resource (referred to almost exclusively as the "HEYDAR") is a "global analysis and information gathering device capable of performing onboard evidence analysis as well as universal intelligence searches across all data platforms OR in simpler terms it's a big silver ball. It gives us answers to things.

Bio-harmonic Universal Multi Module Emotional Rerouter or BUMMER.

Other Villains from the Middle-Lore:
  • The Domino, a Lithuanian super villain who attempted to knock buildings down into one another.
  • The Fabulous Face, who succeeded in replacing everyone in the White House with evil twins.
  • Dr. Solaris, who tried to taint the water supply with a boredom toxin.

The Middleman 1969

Real Name: Guy Goddard
Aliases: 69
"You can call me the Middleman."

"My friends call me God."

"To snuffing out The Candle."

  • 1960's Smooth Talking Middleman cryogenically frozen for 40 years that was an expert at shutting down Melting Rays (4)
    • Tools: Left-handed Metal Prosthetic Hook
  • 1960's Swinger & Snappy Dresser that wears Hai Karate Cologne (3)
  • Expert Shiboomi player, Rum Drinker and Smoker (3)

Arch-Enemy: The Candle

     "We had a Middle-boy, once..."

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