Who is... The League of Freedom ?

Keeping America Free... er !
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Season 2 debuts Feb. 16, 2017 on Crackle

Titanium Rex

Real Name: Rex of House Titanium
Secret Identity: Mel Gurman (deceased 1979)
Age: Very
Race: Subtopian from the Earth's core (first of his kind to reach the surface)
"Hope you like the taste of titanium."

"I must be getting old."

  • Super Geriatric Guy (4)
    • Flight, Strength, Titan Vision & Magno-Hearing
    • Tools: Titanium Right Fist with Laser Finger and Arm Cannon
  • Lifetime Lady's Man Libido (3)
    • Frau Mantiss, Dr. Gizmo's wife, Dr. Devizo's wife, American Ranger's wife, Gloria, the "Gurman Girls" and many more...
  • Elderly Elder (2)
    • back pain, bladder issues, erectile dysfunction
    • Tools: "Boner" Pills
  • 1970's Fashion Photographer (3)
    • Tools: Glasses, Camera, Sequined Glove (to protect his shutter finger) and Diamond-Stitched Kerchiefs

(Breckin Meyer)

Real Name: Courtney
"Link the Rings!"

  • Black Saturn's new Sidekick / Personal Assistant (3)
  • Dimwitted Boyfriend to Portia Jones (3)

Black Saturn

Villain Alter-Ego: Mange, Prisoner 4976
Real Name: C.J. Wheelihan
"Scourge of the Night... and Day too !"

"Somebody call Frodo, there is a new Lord of the Rings."

"Do something bad, so I can hit you."

  • Brooding & Bleak Dark Avenger that is unlucky at love (3)
    • Tools: Black leather costume, Saturn (throwing) Rings, grapple gun, blow darts with tranquilizing 1500cc of "Saturn Serum", DROID phone, fanny pack & Rocket Shoes
  • Spoiled Grown-Up Rich Kid (4)
    • Tools: $ 50,000 a week allowance & VIP Visa
  • Frisbee Golfer (1)
  • Millionaire Sex God with crack hair (1)
  • Sidekick: Murder Pig a pot-belied pig (3)
  • Sidekick: Bunsen the Butler (3)

Father: Cartwright Cliff Wheelihan
Mother: Jancy Wheeler-Wheelihan
               aka "Gurman Girl", Jan Carlisle aka Jancy Jones
evil little Brother: Dudley & his nanny,

American Ranger

Age: 22 or 92

"Susan B. Anthony that hurts !"

"I had to try... for America."

  • Red, White & Blue Winged Soldier of Freedom (4)
    • Wings for flight, an eagle eye for spotting trouble and a beacon of the American Dream also peeling potatoes
    • Tools: mechanical & retractable Metal Wings
  • 1940's Old-Fashioned WWII-era Throwback (3)
    • Recently recovered after 70 years frozen in a Time Tunnel
  • former Varsity College Cheer Master (2)
  • former Sidekick: Labrador of Liberty (3)
    • teeth of pure American freedom and a golden coat of amber waves of grain
  • former Sidekick: Kid Victory (3) - new Secr. of Defense
    • Proficient with a Sling Shot and Sewing Costumes

90 year old antique ex-wife, Gloria

aka The Credible Brad ?

Real Name: Brad
Age: 43
"Don't get mad - get Brad !"

  • Super Strength & [9 foot] Stature (4)
    • Incredible strength, augmented musculature, invulnerability and superhuman lung capacity
    • Tools: Monthly Pink Super Serum by OptoCorp's Project BRAD
  • Big Pink Junkie Addict/Guinea Pig and amateur Chemist (4)
    • Taking one day at a time. While high.
    • Chemical tolerance that is off the charts
    • Tools: A highly organized combination of chemicals that allow his brain to see higher realms of order & meaning.
  • Erotic "therapeutic" Massage-e and Gambler (1)
  • Member of Eight Recovery Groups (1)


Real Name: Coochie
Age: 5 in people years
"You want some Cooch ?!?"

"I'ma cat."

  • Artificially Evolved [by the EVO-RAY] House-Feline (3)
    • Senses (especially smell), Speed at super-human levels, Parkour expert and extremely Agile
    • Tools: Razor Sharp Claws & Tail
  • Apocalyptic A.D.D. [attention deficit disorder] (4)
  • Investor in Pogs and Scratch-It Lottery Tickets (2)
  • Honorary Degree in "some sort of specialized study" from New Mexico State University (1)
    • Tools: glasses and "smart" helmet

former owner, Claudette, animal and newspaper hoarder that lives in a mobile home

formerly JewBot, formerly Janice

Real Name: n/a
Age: 13 by manufacture date

  • 3 Billion Dollar Automaton, Team Accountant & Physician (4)
    • appendages that can turn into any tool
    • Tools: Power cord
  • Walking Calculator with Feelings (3)
    • Pondering what it means to be human
  • Holographic Projector (2)
    • Holographic Decoys of the team & built-in laugh soundtrack
  • Reform JewBot built & designed by Martha Goldstein (1)

(Yvette Nicole Brown)

Real Name: Portia Jones
"Who calls forth the hand of Zenith,
the Earth Mother?!"

  • Adored Multi-Media Powerhouse / Hollywood Insider (4)
    • Talkshow Host of "Talk in the Clouds" TV show
  • Wondrous Woman from the God's Realm (4)
    • Tools: Staff of Power
  • former Secretary of The League of Freedom (3)

and sometimes helped by...

Lex Lightning

Real Name: Lex Jones from Des Moines
"I'm a bird !  I'm a plane !
I'm a guided missile of HATE !"

"O.M. God."

  • Newbie Half-Subtopian Super Girl (3)
    • Tools: Titanium Fist
  • Teen Titan-ium / League of Freedom Super Intern (2)
  • Adorkable Long Lost Daughter of Titanium Rex (3)
    • dates musicians and likes unicorns

Sergeant Agony

  • Military-Grade Accountant (4)
    • Tools: Clip Board, Eye Patch, Dog Tags and Helicopter
  • Drama Queen that hates the League of Freedom (4)

Omega Ted

Real Name:
Theodore Omega
Fort Omega South Pole/Antarctic Fortress
original member of the League of Freedom

Omega Pets
Clichés: Augmented power pets (3)
  1. Ganky the Omega Mini-Horse
  2. Chet the Omega Dog
  3. Buster Nut the Omega Squirrel

the villains...


"This is a madhouse.  A madhouse !"

"Don't explain the gags."

  • World's Most Dangerous Evil Prop Comic (4)
    • Tools: Prop Gags, Groaner Gas & Gag Balloons
  • Black Saturn's Arch Nemesis (3)
  • Lucky Shots: [ ] [ ] [ ]

former member of The Injustice Club
former partner Flower Power (deceased)

Blue Menace

  • Cybernetic Cat-burgler with a weight problem (4)
    • Flight Jets, Strength, Grapplers, Lasers & Invisibility
    • Tools: 2000 pound Cybernetic Exo-Suit upgraded by Dr. Gizmo

Iron Brains

aka Iron Brain (incorrectly)
Real Name(s): Randy (left brain)
"Flee the Iron Brain."

  • Two Brains are better than One - for bashing (4)
  • Iron Cybernetic Chassis (4)


"Bow, bow before Blazar !"

  • Alien with a cosmic-themed costume (5)
  • Space Biker (4)
    • Tools: Cosmic Hog
  • Inter-Galactic Powerlord (3)
    • Blazar Blasts


  • Completely Reformed former Villain (2)
  • Demolitions Expert (3)
  • Chutney's best customer & bargain shopper (2)
  • Recovering Alcoholic & Devoted Dad (3)
    • Tools: 500 day AA chip, Ankle monitor & Mini-van

aka Prisoner 982
formerly Titanium Rex until court settlement with trademark office

  • A real Tyrannosaurus Rex with actual mechanical Titanium Arms, Tail and lower Jaw (4)
  • Refrigerator Rifleer (3)
  • Cat Fancier and Saltwater Fish Tank Artist (2)
  • Illiterate Villain (1)

Blood Moon

  • Rooftop Femme Fatale (4)
  • Black Widow (3)
    • Tools: Syringe with enough poison to kill an adult orangutan

Johnny Rabdo

aka little J.R., J.R. Jr.
"Smells like Ream Spirit."

"Do whatever you Ream necessary."

"You think I'm running some kind of Ponzi Ream ?"

"I made all his Reams come true."

"1, 2, 3 !  Let's Ream !"

Live the American Ream."

"Sweet Reams."

"Ream me up, Scotty."

  • Super CrossFit Athlete / Ream Specialist (4)
    • Expert in all forms of Fitness
    • Tools: Electric Prod Rod
  • Super Spokesman for MuscleReam, Extreme Fitness Gym (3)
  • Injustice Club wannabe (1)

"Face the spring-loaded power of Ratapult."

  • Spring-loaded Power-Pulter (3)



  • Electric Nano-whip Lasher (3)
  • Pithy Punster (1)

Dr. Devizo

  • Evil Mastermind Gadgeteer with unparalleled design sense that wants to re-engineer the world (5)
  • Impossible Prison Escape Artist [exactly 1 year to the day] (5)

former member of the League of Freedom

Ivan Whiff

  • Inventor of a Flying Battlesuit that doesn't have pockets [yet] (4)
    • $300,000 Diamond-woven Nano-Net
  • Billionaire Defense Contractor, Whiff Worldwide (4)

Frau Mantiss and a younger Titanium Rex

Frau Mantiss

"I will drown the Earth with a sea of Aryan babies."

  • Preying Mantis with a hinged jaw & a taste for men (4)
    • Most voracious lover in nature that suffers from premature mastication
  • Blonde Aryan Assassin (4)
  • Shieldmates: Nazi-insect Army (6)

Mr. Skibumpers
(Jim Parsons)

  • Animated Wood Marionette (2)
  • Magical Trickster Imp (6)
    • Flying and Granting Magic Wishes
    • Tools: Magic Top Hat & Cane

A Heroic Struggle... to Live Together.

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