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The Tick created by Ben Edlund

The Big Blue Bug Of Justice Is Here!

The Comics

Animated Series 1994-97

FOX TV Series 2001-2

Amazon TV Pilot 2016

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The Tick
Patrick Warburton
(2001) & Peter Serafinowicz (2016))
(Townsend Coleman (voice))

Aliases: I.P. Daley, Ted Glick


"Beware naughty-spawn, you face... The Tick!"

"Why don't you pick on someone my size?"

"We'll cross that bridge after we've burned it."


  • Big Blue Bug of Justice (5)
    • Nigh-invulnerable, oxygen independence with superhuman strength of ten, perhaps 20 men- a crowded bus stop of men and the reflexes of an Olympic-level jungle cat
  • Drama Power (3)
    • any situation is more dramatic just by his mere presence
  • Greatest power: "When destiny speaks, she speaks to me." (3)
    • She says "hi" by the way

"I am mighty!  I have a glow you cannot see!  I'm a heart as big as the moon, as warm as bathwater!  We're superheroes, man!  We don't have time to be charming!   The boots of evil were made for walking!  We're watching the big picture, friend.
We know the score.  We are a public service, not glamour boys.  
Not captains of industry, not makers of things, keep your vulgar monies!  We are a justice sandwich, no toppings necessary.  Living rooms of America, do you catch my drift?  DO... YOU... DIG?!

"Light against darkness.  Up against down.  A struggle as old as time, but with a beat you can dance to.  And as the sun rises on a new day in The City, so rises a new hero.  A precious balloon of hope girding his loins, making ready for the fight.  He may be on the compact side, as heroes go, but that's just the way destiny crumbles her cookies.  It's not supposed to be easy.  It's not supposed to be comfortable.  It's supposed to be dangerous.  And interesting.  That's the hero's journey.  That's why they get up in the morning.  To go mano-a-monomyth with the darkness.  To win the elixir and save the world.
Because villainy is real.  It has guns and scars and tattoos, and it's licensed to drive.  It wants nothing but to murder and take.  And it's coming for them all.  So two new avengers take their place on the frontline.  They will face evil with a song of battle in their hearts.  Destiny's got her hand way, way up in their puppets.  It's an unpleasant tingling.  The deepest of wriggles.  And its only reward... IS DRAMA!!! (gun shots) New plan."

David Burke
(2001) & Griffin Newman (2016))
(Micky Dolenz & Rob Paulsen (voice))

Real Name: Arthur Everest
"Not in the face!  Not in the face!!!"

  • Clumsy Flying Moth-man (3)
  • Former Anal-Retentive Accountant with a Need to Organize and stay on a Sensible Budget (4)
  • Sidekick Who's the Brain of the Operation (3)

young Arthur () the little boy in the picture

Arthur, Captain Liberty, Batmanuel and The Tick.

and sometimes helped by...

Captain Liberty
Liz Vassey

Real Name: Janet
"Once again the nation is in peril."

  • Red, White & Blue Super Government Agent (4)
    • Tools: Torch (combination beeper/PDA & cell phone)
  • Neuroticly Needy SWF (3)
  • Connected to Government Agencies & Secrets (3)

American Maid
Kay Lenz

  • America's Most Patriotic Domestic (4)
    • Tools: Throwable High Heels & Tiara
  • Clean Freak (3)
  • Super Caterer (3)

Nestor Carbonell

"I am... Batmanuel!"

"How's your sister?"

  • Super Rico-Suave Inaction Figure & Master of Innuendo (3)
    • Tools: Gold Cell-Phone, Codpiece/pouch (holds wallet)
  • Casanova Wannabe & Poser Lady's Man (2)
  • Poorly Insured Driver with a High Deductable (2)
    • Tools: Manuel Mobile with gilded doors that requires two parking spots.

Die Fledermaus
Cam Clarke

"Huh Hmm...Who dares intrude upon my night domain?
You have crossed the path of... Die Fledermaus!!!"

  • Poser with a Cape & Mask (3)
  • One of "The City's" Lesser Super Heroes (3)
  • Lame Pick-up Artist (2)

Sewer Urchin
Jess Harnell

"Very bad, definitely...very bad."

  • Stuttering Underachieving Super Hero (3)
  • Stinky Protector of the Underground Sewer World (4)
  • Super Sewer Scavenger (3)

(Brendan Hines)

  • The world's first superhero who came to us from beyond the stars and whose incredible deeds have inspired generations (6)
  • Ageless, indestructible with immutable hair (4)

the bad guys...

The Terror
Armin Shimerman (2001) & Jackie Earle Haley (2016))
(Rob Paulsen (voice))

I'm the Terror... I'm famous!

"I'm gonna tuck you in for a dirt nap!"

I''ll drop you like a bad habit!"

"When I was your age, kid, we didn't have all this high-tech hocus-pocus.  If you were really evil, you'd just walk up to a guy
and smack him in the head!"

"What you got behind your ear?
It's nothing.  You GOT NOTH'IN!"

  • Famously Evil Mastermind that's Done it All, twice (6)
    • Tools: Spidery Steel Mobile Home
  • Really, Really Old Terror-ific Guy that likes to nap (4)
    • The greatest villain of the 20th century... and maybe some of the 19th. that still holds a grudge vs President Teddy Roosevelt.
    • Author of Terrorcizing, a fitness book for older supervillains such as himself.
  • Evil Chemist with a cough (4)
    • Paralyzing Terror Gas
  • Terr-igans Gang-Brute Squad (5)

Super-Team: Leader of The Evileers
Family: Terry, his son a retired insurance adjuster

(Kurt Fuller)

Real Name: Leonid Kasparov Destroyovich
Kneel... KNEEL, before your steely doom!

"The combined weight of the horrors I've authored
would crush your carbon hearts into perfect diamonds of terror."

  • Evil Russian Super Villain bent on Destruction (3)
    • Tools: Titanium Exo-Skeleton, Armored Limosine, Nuclear Bomb, Anthrax and very-strong Rope
  • Depressing but Compellingly Persuasive Poetic Talker (4)
  • Legitimate Businessman, Novelloist and Patron of the Arts (3)
    • Importer of Third World Novelties
    • Novella: Give Me Money or I will Destroy your President
  • Former "Husky" Ballet Dancer with a Sweet Tooth (2)

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