Who are... the Marshalls ?

Bronze Eagle

Real Name: Jim Marshall
"Up, up and Away!"

"You don't need super powers to be a super hero."

"That's my wife."

  • High Flying Super Guy (4)
  • Proud Soccer Dad (3)
    • Tools: Mini-van
  • Businessman (3)
  • BBQ Cook (2)

Warrior Woman

Real Name: Judy Marshall

  • Warrior Gal that kicks some serious butt (4)
    • Tools: Warrior Wheels (super-cycle)
  • Soccer Mom & Homemaker (3)
  • Vegan Cook (2)
    • Spinach casserole, spinach puffs, spinach ice cream and broccoli pudding
  • Businesswoman (3)

Silver Charge

Real Name: Adam Marshall
"Relax, I zip around at nearly the speed of light."

"You're totally fried."

  • Anxious Zippy Speedster (3)
  • Electric Powers (3)
    • Electric shocks, "read" computers and wipe people's memories
  • Vain High School Teen-ager (3)
"No crimefighting until you've done your homework."
                                                        - Dad

Warrior Eagle

Real Name: Scott Marshall
"Never fear Warrior Eagle is here."

  • Junior High Teen that idolizes his dad and wants to be in the family super-hero business of saving people- but he doesn't get his powers by his 14th birthday (2)
  • Seventh Grader in a "training cape" (3)
    • Tools: Bike and Helmet
  • Co-Captain of the Co-Ed Soccer Team with a Crush on his Rival that he tends to "choke" in front of (2)
"Well remember if you want to fly,
you're gonna have to maintain a B average.
Flying is a privilege, not a right."

                                         - Dad


Real Name: Molly Marshall
"Uh hah, whatever."

  • Girl with the Laser Eyes (1)
  • Pre-teen Pyromaniac (2)
  • Annoying little sister that sees everything (3)
    • X-Ray Vision
"No laser vision without supervision."
                            - Mom

The Steel Condor

Real Name: Edward Marshall
"Steel Condor to the rescue!"

"I'm here to save the day."

  • Past his Prime flying super hero with muscles of steel (3)
  • Granddad (4)
  • Retired (3)


"That's why I always save the day."

  • Stretchy guy (4)
  • Self-centered lady's man (3)

Aluminum foil is their Kryptonite, it screws up their molecular structure,
it drains their powers and too much of it can kill them.

Look up in the sky ! (who are all those other supers ?)

Unknown Super-Hero
Unknown Super-Hero Unknown Super-Hero Unknown Super-Hero

Mentioned but not seen: Flameguy, Rocketman and Jello-Girl
ALL apparently got their super powers the day just before their 14th birthdays.

Last updated 10/25/2016.