(A Clever Reminder Of Names You Might See)
& Super-Jargon

Capes - slang for super heroes.

C.A.T. - Canine Arrest Team

ECDC - European Community of Diabolical Criminals

H.E.L.F. - Housewives Enslavement Liberation

N.U.T.T.S. - Nasty Union of Thieving & Terrorist Squirrels

N.W.V.O. - New World Villainous Order

S.A.P. - Super Apprentice Program.  S.W.O.O.S.H. program to assign potential new sidekicks with compatible super mentors.

S.C.A.G. - Screen Criminal Actor’s Guild

S.H.E.L.L. - Squirrel Holistic Environmental Living League

Sidekick - partner to the "real" super hero.

S.L.U.T. -  Sisters of Lasting Unmerciful Torment

S.M.A.C.K. - Super Maniacal Assoc. & Criminal Kabal

S.W.O.O.S.H. - Super World Organization Of Super Heroes

U.N.I.C.K.- United Nations International Celibate Knighthood

U.S.W. - Union of Super Workers

USELESS - U.S. Emergency Law Enforcement Special Services

Last updated 10/5/2016.