by Dan C.

City: Campaign City
Secret ID: Peter Bradley
Sex: Male
Hgt: 5' 10"                 Wgt: 175 #
Hair: Brown              Eyes: Blue
The Spectacular Squirrel
Quote: "Nuts !"

Spectacular Squirrel Powers (4)
Tools: Squirrel suit, slingshot & acorns
Tasks: Amazing squirrel agility, reflexes & senses. Acorn missiles, Detect squirrels and summon "scurry of squirrels" horde.

Family Man (3)
Tasks: Long arm of justice, mediation, detect children, "the look", counting to three - 1, 2, 2, 2 . . .

Sci-Fi/Gamer Geek (2)
Tasks: Creative "out of the box" thinking, quick math, uncanny movie quoting abilities, movie critic.

Freelance Newspaper Investigative Photojournalist (3)
Tools: Camera, notepad & pencil.
Tasks: Detect newsworthy news story, current events, deduction.

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