What is Risus ?
Risus (Latin for laughter, pronounced REE-suss) is a complete FREE rules lite Role Playing Game (RPG).  It is essentially a Universal Comedy System, that works just as well for any type of game play.
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A 1999 comedy movie MYSTERY MEN (which was inspired by the original Bob Burden comic books).  The movie is a parody of super heroes, set in a fictional world of heightened proportions.
So then...
What is Risus - MYSTERY MEN ?
A wacky RPG campaign setting using the Risus RPG
nominally set in the MYSTERY MEN universe.

Who are the MYSTERY MEN ?

Meet the campaign's SUPER Heroes & Villains

What are this campaign's Houserules ?

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S. & Super-Jargon
Where is Campaign City ?

Where in the World is Carman's San Diego ?

Let your fingers do the walking in the Super Yellow Pages

What else inspired this fevered dream-induced madness?

Very little here is new or original, much has been inspired by others.
Like all good GM's I beg/borrow/steal what I need to make my game easy to run and fun for all.
Feel free to use any of the information here for your own amusement.

No one is making a profit here so please don't sue us.
Everything created by someone else is probably (c) copyrighted by them.

This website isn't just a guide to using Risus
it is a celebration of silly super-heroes.

Member of the International
Order of Risus (I.O.R.)

Last updated 3/11/2022.