Where in the world is Carman's San Diego ?

You know Carman - he drives for JUSTICE !
But where exactly does he reside... patrol... you know, keep all his stuff ?

In fact, WHERE do all those super heroes live ?

 - Campaign City

- Middellund, Denmark
Astro City - it's it's own comic!

Bartman - see Simpsons
Blankman & Other Guy - Chicago, IL
Big Hero 6 - San Fransokyo
Brad (before joining the League of Freedom) - Piston City

Capital City - capital of the Simpson's universe
Captain Amazing - see MYSTERY MEN

Captain Avenger - NYC, NY
Captain Hammer - Los Angeles, CA
Captain Man & Kid Danger - (Henry Danger) Swellview

Carman - Nowhere, he's always on the road ! HA !
Coon, The - South Park, CO

DC Comics - lots see here.
Defendor - Hamilton (aka Hammer Town), Ontario CANADA
Dr. Horrible - Los Angeles, CA
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl - Akron, OH
Fruit Bat Man - see Simpsons
G-Girl - NYC, NY
Griff the Invisible - Sydney, Australia

Incredibles - Metroville (ignore the rocket ship approaching)

     formerly from Municiberg

Kim Possible - Middleton (part of the Tri-City area)

Ladybug & Cat Noir - Paris, France
League of Freedom - Storm City

Marvel Comics - lots see here.
Meteor Man - Washington D.C.
Mighty Med - Philadelphia, PA
Mirageman - Santiago, Chile
Mysterion - South Park, CO
MYSTERY MEN - Champion City

Nightmare, The - (iZombie) Seattle, WA

Powerpuff Girls - City of Townsville

Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy -
Zenith City

Secret Society of Super Heroes -  William McKinley High School
 for the Arts, Lima OH (Glee)
Sharkboy & Lavagirl - Planet Drool (Where kids rule!)
Simpsons - Springfield rivals to Shelbyville and near Ogdenville.

Click here for a list of Springfield's super heroes

Stretch Dude & Clobber Girl
- see Simpsons
SuperBob - Peckham, London, England
Super Griffins - (Family Guy) Quahog, RI
South Park - South Park , CO

Syndrome - Nomanisan Island (somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean)

Teen Titans
- Jump City
The Tick - The City
Thermoman - Northolt, London ENGLAND

Thundermans - Hiddenville, FL (City of 1,000 Parks)

     formerly from Metroburg

Toxic Avenger
- Tromaville

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Last updated 1/15/2017.