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(V) = Villain

Gabfly: Talkative, gossipy winged hero, member of the Anti-Evil Gang.

Gadget: Inventor that is always trying to come up with new stuff by using parts from her previous creations.  Member of The Additionals.

Gagster: (V) Evil punster and gangster of comedic crime.  His gang is the Laughing Stock Boys.

Galaxy Girl:

Galigator: Alligator skinned costumed comedian with a large mallet fond of smashing watermelons and other fruit.

Game Boy: Sidekick wannabe.

Gamekeeper: (V) Game themed villain that uses the Diceman Gang to help his plans.

Gamma Girl VI: Teen-aged daughter and radiaoactive sidekick to Radioactive Man for the last 50+ years (there have been 5 previous Gamma Girls).  Armed with her Atomic Lunchbox.  Member of The Additionals.

Gamma Goblin: (V) Short and evil, ugly goblinesque man that absorbs radiation who was transformed during an experiment by Doctor Plutonium

Gangreen Gang: (V) Group of ruffians that everything they wear must always be green.  Led by the Green Meanie.  Other members include, Arturo, Big Billy, Gruber and Snake.

Gangster Prankster: (V)

Gap Girl: Stylish teen sidekick wannabe.

Garbage Grrlz (Gang): (V) Dressed in tattered clothes with makeshift weapons this all-girl gang has attitude to spare.

Garbageman, The: (V) Bad smelling garbage collecting bad guy.

Gardener: Super-hero armed with an incredible variety of gardening tools, seeds and techniques.

Gardenia: (V) Villainess obsessed with plants.

Gargoyla: (V) Female gargoyle villain.

Garth Vader: (V) Country singing villain.

Gawkman: (V) Winged evil member/leader of The Evil Eyes.

Gearhead: (V) Villain with a mechanically enhanced skull.

Geek Gang: (V)

Geiger Girl: Radioactive detecting sidekick.

Gene Genie: (V)

Georgie Girl: Female member of the Senior Citizenís Squadron.

Germ Warrior:

Ghoulgirl: (V) Member of the Lefthanded League.

Ghostwriter: Hero wannabe or urban legend?

Giggler: (V) Super-villain that constantly giggles and likes to spread laughs where ever he goes.

GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out): A sentient robot that was deemed a failure by his creator.

Gingerbread Man: (V) A two-dimensional midget with an angry personality.  Member of The Bakerís Dozen.

Gingersnap: (V) Snappy member of the Spice Gals, who are the personal guard to The Confectioneer, leader of The Bakerís Dozen.

G.I.R.L. Squad:

Gizmo Bug: Techno-gadgeteer hero.

Glamour Girls Gang: (V)

Glamour Woman: The champion of the Glamazons that has joined the world of men to defeat her fellow Glamazon, Maidenform.

Glamazons: Members of an all female race of warriors that live on a remote island in the Pacific.  Their most famous inhabitants are Glamour Woman and Maidenform.

Glide Dog: Animal sidekick to Sprocketman.  Occassionally assisted The AniPals.

Global Guardians: International group of super heroes that try to defend the world.

Globalman: Hero able to travel great distances very quickly.

Gloomius Maximus: (V)

Glove, The:

Glow Girl: Teen sidekick to Earth Angel.

Glow Worm: (V) A small glowing worm inbued with genius level intelligence and the power of speech.

Gnatrat, The: (V) Small filthy rodent-like member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Gogo Girl: (V) The damsel of dance.  Member of Femme Faction.

Go-Go Girls Gang: (V)

Goldfinger Gang: (V) Gang that colors their fingers gold.  The number of fingers that are colored gold denote rank.

Gorpzilla: (V)

Go Team: Family superhero team, consisting of Hego, Shego (now a villain), Mego and the twins, Wego.

Graces, The Three:  From Greek mythology, Faith, Hope and Charity.

Grandma Craft: An elderly widow whose children have all grown up and left home.  She volunteers her time fighting crime and is able to knit and crochet virtually anything.

Grand Theft Otto: (V) Criminal car thief & stunt driver/daredevil.

Granny Ass Whistle: (V) Villainess that received her nickname at the age of three (except for the Granny part) when she swallowed a childís toy whistle.

Grapeman: Hero wannabe can squirt grape juice into peopleís eyes and is armed with his Nectar of Truth (available in red or white).

Gray Matter: Member of The Amazing Trio and cousin to Ms. Indestructible.

Greaser, The: 1950's styled hero in a leather jacket and lots of hair gel.

Great Zamboni, The: Ice magician, works with his assistant and sidekick, Cabana Boy.

Green Golem, The: (V) Pastey-green constructed humanoid creature with great conversation & social skills.  The life (and ultimately death) of any party.

Green Goober: (V)

Green Swoosh, The: Hero who wears green super boots and yells ďUp, thru and away!Ē before jumping.

Greta Gatling: (V) Gun-totting villainess.

Greyhound: Speedster hero.  Worked briefly with Paperboy.

Grouch, The: (V) Member of the Crazy 8ís.

Ground Chuck: (V) member of Dinerís Club.

Guey Stan: Deceased stretching hero.

Guitar Girl: Sidekick wannabe.

Gummy: (V) Member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Guppy:  Teen sidekick to Fish Man on a fictional super-hero tv show.

Gymninia: (V) Super acrobatic contortionist that performs daring feats of crime to give her earnings to the less fortunate.

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