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(V) = Villain

Cabana Boy: Sidekick to The Great Zamboni.

Cabin Boy: Sidekick.

Cabinet Maker: Hero wannabe.

Cabin Man: Formerly Cabin Boy I, who grew up and tried an unsuccessful solo hero career.

Cable Guy: (V) Former cable t.v. installer that is armed with lots of wiring and various gadgets.

Calendar Girls Gang: (V)

Candy Cannibal: (V) Master of crimes of candy and leader of the Candyland Gang.  Usually followed around by his pet, Lollipup.

Candyland Gang: (V) Semi-superpowered candy inspired gang that works with the Candy Cannibal. The gang members are: Almond Joyce, Bitch-o-Honey, Buttersfinger, Caramella, Cruncher, El Mentos, Jolly Ranger, Kitty Katty, Krackeler, Lemonhead, M&M Twins, Mikey & Ikey, Milk Dudley, Mint Junior, Mousseketeer, Mrs. Goodbar, Peppermint Pat, Pop Rocker, Raisinette, Ruthie Baby, The Skittler, Starburster, Tic & Tac, Tingy Taffy, Tootsie, Twixxie, Twizzler and The Whopper.

Candyman: Super-hero armed with amazing candy weapons and gadgets.  Teamed with  Peppermint Patty.

Candystripers Gang, The: (V) Group of attractive women that are dressed like hospital candystripers.

Cape, The: Boasting the longest cape in the super community, this hero trips up crime.

Caped Cod: Leader of the Monumental Men.

Captain Amazing: Deceased internationally known and endorsed super-hero of Champion City.  Brother to Captain Paragon & Captain Fantastik.  Major Dad is their father.

Captain Amazing Robot(s): Built by Captain Paragon to replace his deceased brother.

Captain Atlas: Leader of the Flag 5.

Captain Cataract: (V) Evil member/leader of The Evil Eyes.

Captain Catfish: Fishy member of The Replacements.

Captain Caterpiller:

Captain Caveman: Pre-historic hero that was revived from a frozen block of ice.  He is armed with a stone club and his pre-historic senses.  Member of the Enviromen.

Captain Cheerio: (V) British armed with a cereal shooting pistol he is dressed as a World War I army captain.  Leader of The Cereal Killers.

Captain Combat: The master of combat both armed and unarmed.

Captain Contraption:

Captain Copy: 

Captain Domino: Former pizza delivery driver that after smelling a super-soldier formula gained powers. Armed with a pizza box for a shield.

Captain Elastic: Deceased hero.  Formerly teamed with Stretchie Boy and a member of The Specials.

Captain Fantastik: Lesser powered cousin to Captain Amazing and Captain Paragon.  Major Dad is their father.  Also a musician that leads the Brown Dirt Cowboys band.

Captain Freedom: Naive masked avenger known for his inspirational speeches.

Captain Hero: Hero that has appeared on the Comedy Central reality show, Drawn Together.

Captain Marble: Leader of the super Marble Super Family, which includes Mary Marble and Captain Marble Jr.  All of them transform into superhero’s by saying the magic word, “knockout”.

Captain Marble Jr.: Teen hero that transform by saying his hero’s name, Captain Marble.  Member of the Marble Super Family.

Captain Kosher: Jewish hero that uses trick bagels and his wits to fight evil.  Kosher Kid is his trusty sidekick.

Captain Invincible: Retired WWII era hero and member of the Super Troopers.

Captain Osiris:

Captain Paragon: The "paragon of virtue”, but is insufferably pompous, self-righteous and priggish.  He's the perfect superhero, but nobody can stand him personally.  Brother to Captain Amazing & Captain Fantastik.  Major Dad is their father.

Captain Wonder:

Captain Yesterday: Having superpowers and being from the past this hero is a member of the New Justice Team.

Carcimona: (V) Evil smoking vamp, member of Femme Faction.

Cardiac Crooner:

Card Shark: (V) Shark headed well-dressed man that flings dangerous playing cards.  Member of the High Rollers.

Carmine the Bowler: Famous bowler and hero.  Killed by Tony P. of the Disco Boys Gang.  His daughter is now The Bowler and carries his skeletal head encased inside her custom bowling ball.

Casanova Frankenstein: (V) Arch-enemy to Captain Amazing.  Believed to be dead after a battle with the Mystery Men.  His son, Young Casanova Frankenstein now continues his evil work.

Catcher, The: Former big league catcher (jersey number 22) that switch-hits for justice.

Catnapper: (V)

Cat’s Grace: Japanese teen triplet member of the Rising Sons.

Cattle Queen: (V) Female rustler.

Ceramic Man: Hero wannabe with ceramic armor.

Celery Stalker: (V) Murderous stalker that kills his victims with a piece of celery.

Cereal Killers, The: (V) Super team of deranged villains that work around a breakfast cereal theme.  Members are Captain Cheerio, Fiberman, Specialty Kay, Trixie, Kix, The Lucky Charmer,  and The Chex Commando.

Chauffeur, The: Super sports car driver.

Cheeky Chimp: Animal sidekick to Junkyard Joey.  Occassionally assisted The AniPals.

Cheerleader Gang: (V)

Cheri Cheescake: (V) Super villainess of fashion that studied in Partisan, France.

Cherry Cheerleader: Enthusiastic and cheerful crimefighter that uses Powered Pom Poms.  Member of The A-Teens.

Cheese Wizard:

Chex Commando, The: (V) Able to create up to 3 (Rice, Wheat, & Corn) versions of himself.  Member of The Cereal Killers.

Chia Man: Member of the Enviromen.

Chicory Warrior: (V)

Chief Standing Pat: (V) American-Indian member of the Six Gun Gang.  Can produce smoke signals with cigars.

Chimichanga Kid: Kid hero whose’s sidekick is the adult El Hombre.

Chimmy the Flying Monkey: Retired WWII animal sidekick to Rocketman I.

China Doll: Asian super-heroine that works with Chopstick Charlie.

Chippendale Bouncers Gang: (V)

Chocolate Chip: (V) Villain armed with a chocolate chip machine gun.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Chopper Jack: (V) Super villain with a powerful motorcycle.

Chopstick Charlie: Chopstick martial artist that works with China Doll.

Christmas Carol: (V) Evil singing member of the X-mas Men.

Chug: (V) Hard drinking thug and member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Ciggy Tardust: (V) Pro-smoking glam cross-dressing villain(ess) that is known for his/her smoke rings.

Circus du Criminel: (V) Travelling super criminal circus troupe that originated in Europe.  Lead by Clown King.  Rumbozo.

Cleansing Agent: Super clean hero & housekeeper. Worked with Kleen Kid before he became Litter Lad.Cleopatty: (V) Other name of Queen Tut.

Clobberella: Super strong heroine and member of the New Justice Team.

Clobber Girl: Super strong pre-teen and sister to Stretch Dude.

Clock Face: (V) Super-villain obsessed with time and punctuality.  Leader of the Minute Men Gang.

Clockwise: (V) Clock watching villain that uses timebombs to set time right to his own liking.  He is assisted by Hourglass, Big Hand, Little Hand and Watchdog.  Recently formed the Calendar Girls Gang.

Clone Gunman: (V)


Clownface: (V) Killer clown that used to work under the stage name as Merry Maxie Marten.

Clown King: (V) Ringmaster/leader of the Circus de Criminel.

Clowns of Chaos: (V)

Cockroach, The: (V) Reviled as “the most hated villain of our time.”  He is the leader of the Phalanx of Gloom.

Cobbler, The: (V) Super villain from Holland that steals/collects famous people’s shoes.

Coffee King: (V) Villain that lives by his motto, “Caffeine will kill ya!”

Collector, The: (V) Obsessed collector of all sorts of collectables and memorabilia that he stores in poly-bags to keep in mint condition.

Colonel Constitution: Retired WWII super-hero, Bill Wright, now does public speaking and lobbying on behalf of the super-community.  Filibuster was his former sidekick.


Commandante Muerte: (V)

Commander Chlorine: (V) Hero with a popular website.  He fights cyber-crime and has never been seen in public.

Commander Custard: (V) Able to generate creamy custard from his hands, travel on custard slides and create custard constructs.  Member of of The Baker’s Dozen.

Conductor, The: Cross country train traveling hero known for his  mechanical knowledge. Also known as Mr. Conductor.

Conductra: (V) Evil baton wielding musician.

Confectioneer, The: (V) Pastry baking leader of The Baker’s Dozen with his own personal guardians, the Spice Gals.  Had an unsuccessful solo villain career when he was known as Bakery Chief.

Conquestador: (V) Spanish conqueror villain.

Construction Crew: (V) Consists of Dozer, Eye-Beam, Jack Hammer and  Rosie the Rivetter.

Cookie Crumbler: (V) White collar criminal that ruins pastry and breads.

Cookie Cutter: (V) Female martial artist that can throw various shaped cookie cutters like throwing stars.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Cool Cat:

Cool Whipper:

Corduroy Cowboy, The: (V) Fashion impaired cowboy that rides Paulie the Polymer Pony.

Count Blakula: (V) Vampire villain with his teen sidekick Vampire Brat.

Coupon Clipper: Former housewife that now lives by the motto; “The only redeemable coupon in life is ACTION!”

Crabby: (V) A giant infant with a sour demeanor.  He accidentally crawled into a growing-machine in his father’s science laboratory, The Permeator.

Crankenstein: (V) Cranky villainous monster.

Crater Kid: Sidekick wannabe.

Crayola Commando: Armed with over 96 colors, this hero fights crime and stays in-between the lines.

Crazy Cora: (V) Sometimes delusional member of the Six Gun Gang.  Calls everyone “Roy”.

Crazy 8’s: (V) Members are Da Sponge, Flambe, the Grouch, Neuralmoron, Pepper Jack, Princess Pasta, Soda Jerk and Whiskeyjack.

Croquet King: (V) Using trick balls, wickets and mallets this villain commits crimes.

Crowella: (V)

Crusaders: Hero team lead by The Verdict with fellow members Valiant Lass and the Weevil.

Cryogenius: (V)

Crystal Sorceress: (V)

Cue-Ball Killer: (V) Villain armed with a pool stick and cue-ball.

Cyberia: (V) Evil webmistress.

Cyberspaceman: Washout from the space program that is a techno/computer geek.  Known to his friends as Bif.

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