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(V) = Villain

Fanman: Hero armed with a parachute and a large fan attached to his back.

Fanboy: Sidekick wannabe.

Fanny Flapper: (V) 1920s styled villainess, works with her lover, Johnny B. Badd and the Flapjacks Gang.

Father Doom: (V) Super villain enemy to Captain Amazing that is in jail for life without the possibility of parole.

Fearless Ferret, The: Leader of the Ferret Family of supers with Wonder Weasel and Ferretgirl.

FemBots: (V) Robotic female warriors made and sold by the Acme Co.

Femme Faction: (V) All women team of super-villains.  Members are Bombshell, Carcimona, Gogo Girl, Hydro-Jenn and Wonder Wig.

Femme Five: All women 8 member superteam consisting of Flashdancer, Flying Nun, Lady Lightning, Lightfoot, The Mighty Dyke, Rollergirl, Sunlight Grrrll and Super Model.

Ferret Family: Family of superheroes, led by The Fearless Ferret, Wonder Weasel and Ferretgirl.

Ferretgirl: Teen superhero, part of the Ferret Family team of superheroes, along with The Fearless Ferret and Wonder Weasel.

Fiberman: (V) Villain whos strength comes from his strict diet.  Member of The Cereal Killers.

Fiddler Crab: (V) Classic violinist that commits crime in a crab costume.

Fiery Blaze: Super duo with Friendly Fire.

Fiery Flame: The original flame-based hero.  Member of the High Fives.

Filibuster: Retired adult sidekick that guides the Sidekix.  He had a difficult working relationship with his mentor, Colonel Constitution.

Fighting Pharaoh: Egyptian fancying hero that works with his son, Kid Tut.

Finagler, The: (V)

Finisher, The: (V) Jack-of-all-trades practicing villain that can seemingly do anything.

Fire Dog: Canine assistant to Uncle Slam.

Fisherman Gordon: The protector of the seas.  His battles with Flying Fish are legendary.

Fish Boy - Lost Prince of Atlantis: Sidekick

Fish Man: Fictional tv super-hero that fights crime with his sidekick and teen ward, Guppy.

Fishwoman: Hero wannabe hero that carries a goldfish in a fishbowl that she is in telepathic contact with.

Firecracker: (V) Able to produce a loud firecracker for any occasion.

Fireman: Using a giant hose he projects water and assisted by his sidekick Sparkler.  Member of The Force of July.  His former sidekick was Lighter Lad.

Flag 5:  Led by Captain Atlas, team was killed by The Terror.

Flag Pole Lad: Deceased stretcher.

Flambe: (V) Female fire-starter/arsonist, member of the Crazy 8s.

Flaming Freddie: Cross-dressing hero with fire and heat powers that proclaims thats super!.

Flapjacks Gang: (V) Gang that works for Fanny Flapper and Johnny B. Badd.

Flashdancer: Female member of the Femme Five.

Flasher, The: (V) Villain wannabe dressed in a long trenchcoat and bowtie not much else.

Floating Girl: Now Levitating Lass.

Flower Child: Apparently a young delicate little girl that gives pretty flowers to villains that compel them to be peaceful.  But in reality is a bitter and resentful diminutive thirtysomething woman.

Flyboy: World War II sidekick to Ace Aviator.


Flying Fish: (V) Arch-enemy of Fisherman Gordon.  The tales of their battles are legendary.

Flying Nun: Petite Roman Catholic Nun, who can fly with her nuns habit.  Member of Femme Five.

Force of July, The:  Based in Capitol City, preeminent super team of the U.S.A.  Consists of American Woman, Fireman, Major Major, Mayflower, Sally Forge and Sparkler.

Foreman, The: Hero wannabe.

Frankenberry: (V) Giant pink cannibal that eats children, upon whom the cereal was based.  Much scarier in person.

Frankenstein Mobsters: (V) Evil low-powered super team that works with Young Casanova Frankenstein.  Members are: Chug, Gnatrat, Polkacat, Red Tapeworm, Rubberneck, Sponge, Squealer, Stare Girl and Stilts.

Fratboy: Former sidekick, now Fratman.

Frat Boys Gang: (V) Known for their lethal hazing.  Their house is Phi Zeta.

Fratman: Hero wannabe, a grown up sidekick Fratboy.

Frau Bluemare: (V) Assistant to Young Casanova Frankenstein.  Former lover and assistant to his father.

Freshmaker: Sparkly teethed hero with his sidekick Junior Mint.

Friendly Fire: Sidekick to Fiery Blaze.

Frogwoman: SCUBA diving super-hero.

Frontier Fanny: (V) Rifle toting member of the Six Gun Gang.

Full Metal Jack: (V) Military themed villain.

Furriers Gang, The: (V) The gang that is always dressed to kill.

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