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(V) = Villain

Paceman (pak-e-man): A Pacemon (eating monster) master in training.

Paisley Paladin:

Paperboy: Sidekick wannabe that has worked with virtually everyone, including Anchorman, Bumper, Greyhound, Metric Man, and Sergeant Steel.

Parachuting Porcupine: (V)

Parcelona: Italian heroic member of Priority Post.

Parchesimaestro: (V) Member of The High Rollers.

Particle Boy:

Patty Cakes: (V) Armed with an Easy Bake Oven and oven mitts she is known for her hand slaps.  Member of The Bakerís Dozen.

Paulie the Polymer Pony: Horse assistant to The Corduroy Cowboy.

Pearl Girl: Sidekick wannabe.

Peekaboo: (V) Female teen sidekick to Mister Myopia.  Sister to Pupil.  Student member of The Evil Eyes.

Peeping Tommy: (V)

Pencilhead: He erases crime.  His sidekick is Son of Pencilhead.  His cousin is the evil Pencilneck.

Pencilhead, Son of: Together with his father, Pencilhead, they erase crime.

Pencilneck: (V) Villainous cousin to Pencilhead.

Penny: Sidekick wannabe.

PenPal: Sidekick wannabe.

Pepper Jack: (V) Super criminal that can cause a sneezing attack on his victims.  Member of the Crazy 8ís.

Peppermint Patty: Athletic female teammate to Candyman.

Permeator, The: Father to the giant villain Crabby.  Former member of The Teen Tusslers.

Pet Shop Boys (Gang): (V) Evil gang that each has a pet companion.  Just recently let girls join their gang.

Phalanx of Gloom: (V) Super villain team consisting of the Belittler, Cockroach, and the Doberman.

Phallic Five: (V) Part-time evil team consisting of the Dicktator, Long Dong Pilferer, Human Vibrator, Prickster and Silver Sceptor.

Phlegm Lass: Married to the deceased Putty Man.

Phyllistein: (V) Sister to Casanova Frankenstein.

Picklador: (V) Member of the Avengers of Antiquity

Pickler, The: (V) Slippery villain known for his unique odor.

Pimptress: (V)

Pincher: Super-hero and master interrogator.

Pinger:  Teen female sidekick to Datacatcher and member of the Net Knights.

Pitch Man: Down on his luck hero that has had two sidekicks, Ad Girl and Rally Girl, leave him to join the Sidekix and become more successful.  His current sidekick is Stock Boy.

Pixie Chicks: 3 fun-loving and singing sprites, Laurel, Lily, and Lilac.

Plaidman: Smartly dressed detective and crimefighter.  His sidekick is Podboy.

Plantsman, The: (V) The evil master of plants.

Plaqueman: (V)

Plastic Sam:

Plate girl: Former sidekick to Soap Bard that left the super biz to go into adult movies.

Plum Plumber: Member of Team Tool.

Pluto: Glowing radioactive dog that was a former assistant to Radioactive Man and Gamma Girl.  Occasionally assisted The AniPals.

P.M.S. Avenger: Hero wannabe that only works 4 days a month.

Polkacat: (V) Feline member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Podboy: Teen detective and acrobat, leader of The A-Teens.  Rides a specially outfitted Vespa.  Also works as Plaidmanís teen sidekick.

Pogo Girl: Sidekick wannabe.

Poison Grace: (V)

Pop Rocker:

Postalgirl: Heroine that gets more accurate with guns as she gets madder.  Member of Priority Post.

Postmaster: Leader of Priority Post also works with his teen sidekick, Zippy.

Power Chick: Can mutate her body into any substance she desires whether it be hard as diamond or soft as a Ty plush animal.  Member of The Specials.

Power Princess: (V)

Powerwoman I: Able to fight crime with her virtual twin, Powerwoman II when they arenít fighting each other, which is not often.

Powerwoman II: Always shows up wherever Powerwoman I is.  They are virtual twins but they donít get along well.

Prank Master: (V) Evil trickster that annoys everyone to death.

Pretzler, The: (V)

Prickly Bear:

Prickster: (V) Part-time member of the Phallic Five.

Prima Donna: (V) Member of the Syndicate of Sins.

Princess Headbutt: Master wrestler and crimefighter known for her unique fighting style.

Princess Pasta: (V) Member of the Crazy 8ís.

Princess Petite: (V) Teen fashion queen and member of the Varsity Villains Squad.

Priority Post: Super team that fights crime no matter what the weather is.  Members include; Express Male, Letterman, Parcelona, Postalgirl, Postmaster, The Stamper and Zippy.

Professor Fate: (V) Lucky leader of The High Rollers.

Professor Panic: (V) Villain able to instill fear and panic in peopleís hearts.

Professor Who: Time-traveler with a huge scarf.

Prune, The: (V) Evil hag and member of the Syndicate of Sins.

Psychodelic Gal: Hip heroine and member of the Super Groovey Super Guys.

Pupil: (V) Male teen sidekick to Mister Myopia.  Brother to Peekaboo.  Student member of The Evil Eyes.

Puppeteer, The: (V) Amazing puppeteer and ventriloquist armed with killer puppets.

Purple Nurple, The: Retired member of The Specials.

Purple Peeper Eater: (V) Evil monstrous member of The Evil Eyes.

Putty Man: Deceased stretching hero married to Phlegm Lass, member of The Anti-Evil Gang.

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