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Meet the SUPERS! - B

(V) = Villain

Baberrella: (V)

Baby Belle

Baby Boomer: (V)

Babynapperís Club, The: (V) Young teen-aged group of bad girls that instead of baby-sitting kids for money, kidnap them.

Baby-sitter Bandit: (V)

Badge, The: Super cop carrying a huge policemanís badge as a shield that works for the Megapolis Police Force.

Bag Lady, The: (V) A seemingly normal street bag lady with a tattered bag that can teleport itís victims to random locations.

Bagpiper, The: Scottish hero.

Baguette Bob: (V) Able to wield and throw amazingly durable bread baguettes as weapons.  Member of The Bakerís Dozen.

Bakerís Dozen, The: (V) Villainous team of 13 culinary members lead by The Confectioneer and assisted by the Spice Gals. Members are Baguete Bob, The Biscuitmaker, Chocolate Chip, Commander Custard, Cookie Cutter, Dr. Donut, Doughboy, Eggbeater, Gingerbread Man, Mary Marmalade, Patty Cakes, Sergeant Strudel and The Tart.

Bakery Chief: (V) Original name of The Confectioneer during his solo career as a villain.

Balistic Barista: (V)

Ballerinaman: Dark hero wannabe with amazing dance abilities.

Balloonatic: (V) Villain with many trick balloons.

Balloon Boy: sidekick to the new Rocketman II.

Ballroom Brawler: (V)

Bannerboy: Sidekick.

Barbara: Able to change herself into multiple versions with varying powers.  Tour Guide Barbara, Gymnastic Barbara, Astronaut Barbara, etc.

Barbarian Moron: (V)

Barber of de Kille, The: (V)

Baron Barracuda: (V) Aging villain and member of the Avengers of Antiquity.

Baron Black: (V) Member of the Avengers of Antiquity.

Baron von Chaos: (V) Super villain enemy to Captain Amazing that died in the electric chair.

Bassmaster:  Elderly fishing super hero and member of the Senior Citizenís Squadron.

Batboy: A unsanctioned kid hero/vigilante armed with a bat, glove and ball.  Inspired by The Catcher.

Battle Broad: (V)

Battling Brunhilde: (V)

Beasty Boy: Former member of the Super Troopers.

Bedtime Boyz: (V) Pajama wearing gang.

Beetleboy: Teen sidekick to Mothman.

Belgian Waffler:

Belittler, The: (V) Villain known for his insulting personality and banter.  Member of the Phalanx of Gloom.

Bertha the Barbarian:

Beyondo: Floating head and psychic hero.

Biclops: Bespectacled hero.

Bicycle Brothers, The:

Big Baby: (V)

Big Billy Hill Billy: A country bumpkin that is assisted by two goats, Grisner and Jost.

Big Hand: (V) Tall henchman that works for Clockwise.

Big Horn: (V)

Big Red: (V) An evil Viking Warrior with bright red hair and a mighty axe.

Billy Beer Bob:

Billy Duster: Teen speedster and member of The A-Teens.  Known for leaving a huge cloud of dust in his wake.

Billy the Kidder: (V) Young gun member of the Six Gun Gang.

Bi-Polar Bear:

Bionic Boy:

Birkenstock, The: (V) Criminal that uses exploding hackey-sacks in his war on Wall Street stockbrokers and is also known for Tie-Dyeing people to death.

Biscuitmaker, The: (V) Carrying various kitchen utensils and his biscuit pan, he never seems to be without biscuits to throw.  Member of The Bakerís Dozen.

Black Belt: African American martial artist hero and member of the Super Groovey Super Guys.

Black Menace: One half a super-hero duo.  Works with White Flight.

Blast Boy: Middle-aged super hero that has retained his teen-hero name.  Former member of the Teen Tusslers.

Blister, The Amazing: (V) Leader of the Sinister Swarm.

Blizzard Wizard: (V) Weather controlling villain.

Blowfish, The Amazing:

Blue Badger:

Blue Bobbin: Hero wannabe.

Blue Knight: Hero wannabe.

Blue Raja, The: The master of cutlery, able to fling forks and other silverware with amazing accuracy.  Member of the Mystery Men.

Boat Boy: Teen sidekick to Super Squid.

Bombshell: (V) Blonde knockout inducing model. Member of Femme Faction.

Bookworm: (V) Villain with a book theme.  Wears huge glasses.

Boomerangboy: Hero sidekick wannabe that is armed with a boomerang.

Booze Hound: Alcoholic animal sidekick to Mary Queen of Scotch.

Boston Startler: (V) Boston-based villain that likes to spook his victims.

Bouncing Baby Boy: A young kid having outgrown his former name, Bouncing Baby this former sidekick to Mommy Dearest, is now a member of Sidekix.

Bouyant Babe: Aquatic super-heroine known for her flotation devices.

Bowler, The: The daughter of Carmine the Bowler, possesses a magical bowling ball with her fatherís encased skull.  Member of the Mystery Men.

Brainchild: (V) Evil pre-teen with an exposed brain.  Has a mechanical dog named Skippy and is assisted by his little sister Amelia.

Brainwasher: (V) Aging mentalist member of the Avengers of Antiquity.

Brickfrog: (V)

Bride of Casanova Frankenstein: (V)

Briney Babe: (V) Villain to televisionís Fishman.

Briquette: (V) Super-strong large Germanic super-villain that dresses like a valkyrie.

Broccoloids: (V) Evil alien race from beyond the Vegetable Asteroid Belt that rule the Vegan Tyranny.

Browser: Data sniffing dog member of the Net Knights.

Bruton: (V)

Bubble Gum Boy:

Buccanette: (V) Evil female pirate and swashbuckler.

Bucket Boy: Sidekick.

Bug Boy: Sidekick.

Bugle Boy: Musical sidekick to Rebel Yell.

Bulk, The Incredulous: (V) Skinny computer geek Bruce Danner was transformed into a big, green, monstrous ďbulkĒ after a weekend of binge eating beans and drinking Dr. Pepper radioactively enhanced by Dr. Plutonium.

Bullfighter: Slightly disturbed hero wannabe.

Bullfrogboy: Leaping sidekick wannabe.

Bumbling Bee: Member of the Monumental Men.

Bumper: Portly hero that disables his enemies by bouncing and bumping into them.  Briefly worked with Paperboy.

Busboy: Fifteenth sidekick wannabe with this name.  Works with Major Maitre Ďd.

Bushman: Hero wannabe on a work visa from Australia.

Butterflygirl: Young woman with a set of sensitive antenae and butterfly wings.

Buzzboy: Sidekick wannabe.

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