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Meet the SUPERS! - A

(V) = Villain

A-Teens, The:  Heroic team of super teen-agers. Consists of Billy Duster, Cherry Cheerleader, Material Girl, Podboy, Slingshotette and Superkid.

Abracadaver: (V) A former famous stage magician, Al Lusion who died when a trick went very wrong and he became a magic-using zombie.

Ace Aviator: World War II era super-hero known as an ace pilot and marksman.  Flyboy was his teen sidekick and co-pilot.

Action Rangers:

Action League:

Ad Agency, The: Super PR team consisting of The AD Man, Face, Pitchman, 30-Second Shot and Copy Boy.

“In a world full of super heroes, they were The Additionals.”

Ad Girl: Former sidekick to Pitch Man, currently a member of the Sidekix.

Adjuster, The: Sliderule wielding hero that uses logic to solve crimes.

Ad Nauseator: (V)

Alien Orphan: A crash-landed alien, he can mold his body into any shape, though not always perfectly.  His green hue and freakish appearance is disarming to enemies.  Member of The Specials.

All Starz Squad:

Ally McBaba: (V) Female Arabic thief that runs the Forty Thieves Gang.

Amazing Trio, The: Super group consisting of Gray Matter, Ms. Kittka, and Sumo Sam.

Amazo: Hero wannabe.

Amelia: Little sister assistant to the villain Brainchild that likes butterflies.

American Woman: Female super-acrobat and member of The Force of July.

Amok:  High school dropout and bad boy hero of The Specials.  He can fly and blast anti-matter from his hands.  Former member of the Sinister Swarm.

Anal Slug, The: (V) Vile villain that travels through sewers and toilet pipes.

Anchorman: Strongman of the sea.  Worked briefly with Paperboy.

AniPals, The: Occasional super team of super animal sidekicks.  Cheeky Chimp, Draft Horse, Glide Dog, Heroic Hare, Incred-a-Bull, Kung-Pow Chicken, Mute Mutt, Pluto (deceased), and Rocky the Flying Rooster.

Anna Log:

Annihilators: Super-team with Waterman.

Answerman: Soothsaying super-oracle.

Antboy: Danish pre-teen wonder with the powers of an ant.

Ant Farmer: (V) Midwest super-villain that can talk to and control ants.

Anticipator, The: Hero wannabe.  “I knew you were going to do that.”

Anti-Evil Gang, The: Members consist of Avenging Aardvark, Gabfly, Hardcore Tommy and Putty Man.

Apache Chef: (V) Leader of the Diner’s Club.

Aphid, The Astonishing: Member of the Senior Citizen’s Squadron.

April Fool: (V) Evil female clown armed with a deadly seltzer bottle and balloon animals.

Apocalypta: (V) Super villainess enemy to Captain Amazing that is in jail for 50 years.

Apocalypse Cow: (V) 50 foot tall cow that shoots fire from her teats.

Aqua Velvia:

AristoCat: (V) High society cat cat-burgler.

Armagezzmo: (V) Super villain enemy to Captain Amazing that is currently in exile.

Artiste, The: Art connoisseur and mystery solver.

Astro: Dog sidekick to Elroyboy.

Astroknight: The 21st Century knight with futuristic armor and a laser lance.  His former sidekick was Sprocket.

Attaboy: teen sidekick to The MidKnight.

Atomic Abalone: (V)

Attila the Hen: (V) Evil chicken.

Auntie Villainy: (V)

Avengers of Antiquity: (V) Evil group of super senior citizens.  Consists of Baron Barracuda, Baron Black, Brainwasher, Deceptor, Picklador and The Sizzler.

Avenging Aardvark: Member of the Anti-Evil Gang.

Aviarius: (V) The flamingo of doom who is armed with heatseeking hummingbirds in his quest to become the dark master of the winged.


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Last updated 10/10/2016.