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Meet the SUPERS! - D

(V) = Villain

Dancing Queen: (V) Aerobic dance instructor that has turned bad.

Dart Devil: (V) The former evil master of darts, taught Doctor Dart all he knows.

Dartsman: Trick darts and superior accuracy are the trademarks of this superhero.

Dasher: Sprinting speedster hero, member of the High Fives.

Da Sponge: (V) Virtually indestructable and strong criminal, but not too bright.  Member of the Crazy 8’s.

Datacatcher: Hero that can find any piece of information, as long as it exists on the internet.  Works with his sidekick, Pinger.  Also a member of the Net Knights.

Deadly Girl: Deadly Girl is perhaps the most powerful member of The Specials. She is the Ruler of the World of the Dead (a mysterious demonic dimension).

Death Man: (V) Super villain enemy to Captain Amazing that is dead.

Deceptor: (V) Scheming member of the Avengers of Antiquity.

Decibelle: Sonic screaming heroine.

Deli Lama:

Dementor: (V)

Diabolic Dolls: (V) Superpowered evil clones of actressess Sandra Bullock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cher, and Katie Holmes.

Dicktator: (V) Part-time member of the Phallic Five.

Diner’s Club: (V) Food-based villain team lead by Apache Chef with Ground Chuck, RibEye, T-Bone and Tenderloin.

Director, The: (V) Evil producer of crime aka Bernie Bernstein.  Works with his superteam: SCAG (the Screen Criminal Actor’s Guild) and the gangs The Extras, The Stage Hands and The Stunt Men.

Disco Boys Gang: (V) Lead by Tony C. & Tony P. known for their love of 1970’s disco music and culture.  Known to work for Cassanova Frankenstein.

Discount Viscount: (V) Cheap, cost-cutting, penny pinching lesser member of royalty turned villain.

Dixie Devil: (V) Texan Confederate patriot with strength,wind and speed powers.

Dober-Man: (V) Dog powered member of the Phalanx of Gloom.

Doctor Chemikaze: Former villain, now a full-time chemistry consultant.

Doctor Dare: Female daredevil and adventurer.

Doctor Dart: (V) The evil master of darts & dartology, dart lore and darteuronomi.

Doctor Demento: (V) Bad songster.

Doctor Device:

Doctor Donut: (V) Armed with all sorts and shapes of donuts.  His daughter is Donette.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Doctor Doppleganger: (V) WWII evil Nazi scientist that specialized in cloning with his Double Gun.  Believed still alive.

Doctor Dynamo: (V)

Doctor Fink: (V) Anti-American villain that works with Johnny Blunder.

Doctor Grime: (V) Messy criminal that works with the Dust Bunny Gang and his sidekick Litterlad.

Doc Heller: Inventor of non-lethal weapons and devices for super-heroes.  Works with the Mystery Men.

Doctor Hush: (V) Former librarian that seeks to make the world a much, much quieter place.

Doctor Malevolent: (V) He is perhaps most famous for taking over ABC for a twelve hour period and doing a parody of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? called WHO WANTS TO HAVE YOUR HEAD NOT SMASHED?

Doctor Plutonium: (V) World War II evil scientist that was given radioactive super powers at the same time as Radioactive Man.  Has experimented on his own daughter, Neutrongirl.

Doctor Psy Chosis: (V) Mentalist that messes with his opponent’s minds.

Dogboy: Teen sidekick to Wolfman on the 1960’s campy tv show, Wolfman.  He has since been unable to remove his well worn and shrunk costume.  Now the unsuccessful hero, Hounddog.

Donette: Young sidekick daughter to Doctor Donut.

Doughboy: (V) A huge spongy brick made of bakery dough.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Dozer: Member of Construction Crew.

Draft Horse: Animal sidekick to The Woodsman.  Occasionally assisted The AniPals.

Drama King: (V)

Dreamweaver: (V) Illusionist able to confuse people with a strange light show and a catchy tune.

Dreama: (V)

Drekula: (V)

Duckman: Hero wannabe with a duck suit that “quacks down on crime.”  Trainee member of The Replacements.

Duke Dramamine: (V) His very words inspire his listeners to fall to sleep.

Duke Nuke: (V) Nuclear wannabe super villain.

Duke Spook: (V)

Dust Bunny Gang: (V) Criminal gang that works for Doctor Grime.

Dworf: (V) Midget member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Dyno-Mite: Explosive member of the Super Groovey Super Guys.

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Last updated 10/10/2016.