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(V) = Villain

Salad Shooter:

Sally Forge: Female strongarm that is tough as an anvil.  Member of The Force of July.

Sandpaper Man: Gritty member of the Senior Citizen’s Squadron.

SCAG (Screen Criminal Actor’s Guild): (V) Lead by The Director this team consists of Best Boy, Body Double, The Caterer, Foley, Gaffer, Key Grip, Projectionist, Prompter, Prop Master, and The Wrangler.

Scarlett Canary: The female red bird of justice.

Scarlett Pickerel:

Scheming Schnauzer: (V) Evil intelligent dog.

Scientific American: Scientist hero assisted by Observing Junior.

Sci-Fi Fo Manchu: (V) Science fiction martial artist leader of the Digimen.

Scooter Boy: Sidekick wannabe.

Scooter Gal: Sidekick wannabe.

Scooter Girl: Sidekick wannabe.

Scooter Kid: Sidekick wannabe.

Scooter Sally: Sidekick wannabe.

Scooter Scotty: Dog sidekick wannabe.

Screwball: Zany super-hero that baffles his friends as much as his enemies.

Second Hand Gang: (V) Evil gang that works for the Timekeeper.

Sedusa: (V) Seductress that uses her long flexible hair to commit crimes.  Leader of Hair Force.

Seiko: Second-rate hero that can reverse local time by 3 seconds.  Member of The Irregular Four.

Senior Citizen’s Squadron: Elderly super heroes.  Members consist of Astonishing Aphid, Bassmaster, Earthworm, Jitterbug, Marvel Maid, Mr. Martian and Sandpaper Man.

Sergeant Strudel: (V) Able to control  and mold strudel into pastry walls and entangles.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Sergeant Steel: Former army soldier that now has buns and abs of steel.  Worked briefly with Paperboy.

Serpenteen: (V) Reptilian teen-aged villain.  Member of the Varsity Villains Squad.

Sewer Czar: (V)

Shadow Woman: Almost impossible to see in the shadows, she lurks there watching and fighting evil.



Sheepman: Odd hero that works with his puppet sidekick and former tv star, Lamb Chop.


S.H.E.L.L. (Squirrel Holistic Environmental Living League): Loose organization of environmental squirrels that are willing to work with humankind.

Shirley Dimple: (V) Former child actor, that has shed her too-goody persona to commit crimes.

Shock Rocket: 

Shootin Nanny: (V)

Shoveler, The: Hero that wields a shovel like another arm.  Member of The Mystery Men.

Shrink Ray:

Sidekix: Super-team consisting entirely of former super sidekicks.  Guided by the retired sidekick (now an adult), Filibuster, the members are Ad Girl, Bouncing Baby Boy, Rally Girl and Roachboy.

Silent Auctioneer:

Silk Spider: (V) Female criminal that wears revealing silk outfits and spins men to do her bidding.

Silver Sceptor: (V) Villain known for his silver armored genitals.  Part-time member of the Phallic Five.

Silver Slingshot:

Silver Snuggy: (V) gives unsuspecting humans "snuggies" in specially designed metal underwear.  His name is a mystery, considering he wears a green costume.

Silver Stiletto: (V) Villainess that can throw her metallic shoes to great effect.

Simian Twins: (V) Mutated ape twins

Sindbad the Sailor: (V)

Sinfula: (V)

Sinister Family, The: (V) Evil family of evil-doers, lead by Mister Sinister.  Family consists of Minister Sinister, Sister Sinister and Lil’ Sinister.

Sinister Swarm: (V) Team with The Amazing Blister, Sluggo

Sir Cueball: Founder and only member of the Knights of the Pool Table.  He is assisted by his squire Matches.

Sir Laser-lot: (V) Knight in modern armor and laser weaponry.

Sister Christian: Catholic nun

Sister Sinister: (V) Member of the evil family of evil-doers, The Sinister Family.

Sisters of Lasting Unmerciful Torment (S.L.U.T): (V) Gang of former nuns.

Sitcom Sally: Uses punch-lines to stop her foes.

Six-Gun: (V) Cowboy with 6 six-shooter guns.  His lucky number is 6.  Leader of the Six Gun Gang.

Six Gun Gang: (V) Western gang consisting of Billy the Kidder, Chief Standing Pat, Crazy Cora, Frontier Fanny, Six-Gun and Stumpy.

Sizzler, The: (V) Member of the Avengers of Antiquity.

Skateboard Boy: 1980’s sidekick to Jabberjocky.

Skatey Katey: Skateboarding sidekick to Walkman.


Skippy: Mechanical dog created by Brainchild.

Skunk, The:

Slinger: Hero that is very accurate with sling & stones.

Slingshotette: Tomboy that is deadly accurate with a sling shot.  Member of The A-Teens.

Sluggo: (V) Villain dressed in a strange giant slug costume with real slime trail.  Member of the Sinister Swarm.

Small Fry: (V) Midget villain.

Snap Sisters: (V) Three sisters that commit crimes to maintain their plush lifestyles.

Snow Fright: (V)

Soap Bard: Clean hero who’s former sidekick was Plate Girl.

Soapster, The: Hero wannabe armed with bars of soap and liquid soap.

Socialist Butterfly:

Soda Jerk: (V) Super-villain armed with a seltzer bottle of soda.  Member of the Crazy 8’s.

Sorority Sisters Gang: (V) All girl gang of gossip and partying.

Soul Sista’s, The: Three singing assistants, Alex, Clover and Sam, to Supersoulfighter.

Spamburgler: (V)

Sparkler: Sparkling sidekick to Fireman and member of The Force of July.


Specials, The:  Billed as “America’s 6th or 7th Best Super Team” consisting of Alien Orphan, Amok, Deadly Girl, Eight, The Great Strobe, Ms. Indestructible, Minute Man, Mr. Smart, Nightbird, Power Chick, and U.S. Bill.

Specialty Kay: (V) Gadgeteer member of The Cereal Killers.

Sphinx, The: Terribly mysterious super-hero that can sever guns with his mind.  Member of the Mystery Men.

Spice Gals: (V) Personal female guard to The Confectioneer.  Group consists of Nutty Meg, Gingersnap and Sugar.

Spinstress: (V) Acrobat with amazing spinning ability, armed with deadly tops.

Spleen, The: Cursed by a passing gypsy he can pass amazingly noxious fumes.  Member of the Mystery Men.

Sponge, The: Water absorbing (and releasing) member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Sportsmaster: (V) Evil former jock now super-coach.

Spot: Invisible dog that wears a collar and is “seen” with Invisible Guy fighting crime.

Spotter, The: Hero wannabe that uses binoculars and telescopes to spot crime.

Sprocket: Former sidekick to Astroknight, now grown up and calls himself, Sprocketman.

Sprocketman: Super-hero armed with his patented spraygun.  Was formerly known as the teen sidekick, Sprocket, to Astroknight.  Now works with Glide Dog.

Squealer: (V) Female screaming member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Squeegeeman: Hero wannabe armed with his special squeegee and cleanser, this hero cleans up after crime.

Squirrel, The Spectacular:  Bitten by a radioactive squirrel while in high school, this hero has gained the unique powers of common squirrels. Member of The Additionals.

Stalkerazzi: (V) Picture-taking, stalking villain.

Stamper, The: Hero that cancels crime by stamping it out.  He is a member of Priority Post.

Stare Girl: (V) Eye engaging member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Star Trekker:  Sci-fi fan that has outfitted himself like his favorite tv show, Stellar Trek.  Occassional member of The Additionals.

Stealth Bonker: Hero wannabe that sneaks around and uses a wiffle bat.

Stilt Man: Able to reach places beyond the reach of normals with the help of his special stilts.

Stilts: (V) Member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Stinkerbelle: (V) A visiting smoking pixie from the Zth Dimension that likes to cause mischief.

Stock Boy: Current sidekick to Pitch Man.

StopWatch Man: Hero wannabe that times everything to the second.

Streaker, The: Naked speedster.

Stretch Dude: Obnoxious elastic pre-teen and brother to Clobber Girl.

Stretchie Boy: Deceased founder of The Specials.



Strobe, The Great:  Leader of The Specials who can fly and project laser beams.  He is married to Miss Indestructible and his brother is Minute Man.

Strong Girl: Former member of The Specials, now calls herself, The Mighty Dyke, and is now member of the Femme Five.

Stumpy: (V) Oldest member of the Six Gun Gang.

Stunt Men, The: Tricky acrobat gang that works for The Director.

Sturgeon General: (V)

Sugar: (V) Sugary member of the Spice Gals, who are the personal guard to The Confectioneer, leader of The Baker’s Dozen.

Suits Gang: (V) Gang of managers that downsize all that oppose them.  Lead by Big Tobacco.

Sumo Sam: Former sumo wrestler turned hero, member of The Amazing Trio.

Sunlight Grrrll;: One of the 8 members of the Femme Five.

Super Best Friends:

Super Scooter: Sidekick wannabe.

Superkid: Teen powerhouse, endowed with super-strength and flight.  Boistrous Member of The A-Teens.

Super Kids off the Block: Super boy band.

Super King: Robot dressed with a crown and cape, member of the New Justice Team.

Super Model: Megababe and member of Femme Five.

Supersoulfighter: Urban black super-hero aided by his three singing assistants, Alex, Clover and Sam, The Soul Sista’s.  Uses a super-stretch cadilac.

Super Squid: Aquatic hero that works with Boat Boy.

Super Troopers:

Supervacman: Hero armed with a variey of vacuums & attachments and member of The Replacements.

Surfer Dude:


Susies (Gang), The: Assassins from the Far East.

Suzie Sunshine: Her bright personality and winning smile helps her defeat her evil foes.

Sweeper, The: Hero that cleans up after crime.

Swiss Army Knaves: (V) gang

Swiss Misses Gang: (V)

(Super World Organization Of Super Heroes): Professional association for super-heroes.

Syndicate of Sins: (V)  Super-villain group consisting of Dancing  Queen, Prima Donna, The Prune, Minimaster, Mister Distinguished, and Visegripper.

Synthia: A synthetic super girl.

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