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(V) = Villain

MacCarthy: Insane robot created by Mr. Midnite.

Madame Malotov: (V) Fire using villainess.

Madame Mazeltov: Hero wannabe.

Madame Zodiac: (V)

Madam Sexy: (V) Evil hypnotist.

Mad Mascots Gang: (V) Group of fired misfit sports team mascots.

Mad Monkey: (V)

Maestro, The: (V) Snobbish musician conductor of crimes based on musical themes.

Maidenform: (V) Evil member of the Glamazonian race, she is opposed by Glamour Woman.

Maintainer, The: Eager to maintain the balance between good and evil, this hero sometimes doesn’t get along with the law.

Major Major: Military strategist and master unarmed combatant.  Leader of The Force of July.

Major Mann: Member of the Super Troopers married to W.A.C.

Major Maitre d’: Restraunt hero with his sidekick Busboy.

Malkatraz: (V) Evil clone of the actor John Malkovich.

Manatee, The: (V) Criminal that has taken up a life of underwater eco-terrorism.  He is quite weak and a pretty slow swimmer.

Manchild: (V) Orphaned as a boy due to his incredible size and strength, this brick has the intelligence and wisdom of a young child.

Mane, The: Long haired hero.

Mange: Young heroine that likes to only work at night.  Works occassionally with Harmony Bunny and Liberty Belle.

Marathon Man: Runner with incredible endurance.

Marble Super Family: Super family that magically transform into super-heros by uttering a magic word.  The family consists of Captain Marble, Mary Marble, and Captain Marble Jr.

Marker Man: Armed with all the primary colors, this hero can outdraw anyone.

Mariachi Mariace: Sister to Liberace.

Marionetteer: (V) Evil puppeteer Derek Mantini that controls large marionette puppets of famous people.

Martial Artist: Painter and sculpter that creates his art with martial moves and disciplines.

Marvellous Mullosk:

Marvel Maid: The Matron of Might and member of the Senior Citizen’s Squadron.

Mary Marble: Young woman that gains super powers by saying the magic word “knockout”.  Member of the Marble Super Family.

Mary Marmalade: (V) With her giant sticky spreading knife she can throw jam and smear her enemies.  Member of The Baker’s Dozen.

Mary Queen of Scotch: (V) Hard drinking villain that is accompanied by Booze Hound.

Masked Mumbler:

Matches: Squire to Sir Cueball.

Material Girl: Dedicated to shopping, she is able to pull almost anything out of her shopping bags.  Member of The A-Teens.

Mayflower: Prudish mentalist member of The Force of July.

Meaty Cheesy Boys Gang: (V)

MechaNoids: (V) (Dan) known as the “MegaNerds” of the super villain community.

Meddler: (V)

Melon Master: (V) Able to hurl melons with great accuracy and effect.

Metallus: (V) Evil overlord of metal.

Meteor Maid: Japanese teen hero.

Metermaid: Former city meter-reader, that continues to fight parking infractions and road rage.

Metric Man: The master of metrics, he can accurately measure anything.  Worked briefly with Paperboy.


Micro Maid: Shrinker with a medical forensic background.

Middle-Aged Yuppy Savante Lemurs: Four lemurs; Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, and Vivaldi.

MidKnight: Masked avenger of the night that works
with Attaboy.

Mighty Ant, The: Member of the Monumental Men.

Mighty Hummingbird, The: World War II era super-hero that still occasionally flys again.

Mighty Dyke, The: Formerly known as Strong Girl, current member of the Femme 5.

Milkmaid: (V) The eighth wife to Milkman who helps him “Get Milk.”  Possesses a magic pail.

Milkman: (V) The master of milk and milk-related crimes.  Aided by his eighth wife, Milkmaid.

Millie Second: (V) Assistant to The Timekeeper.

Mimes of Mayhem: (V) Gang of silent mimes.

Mimic Mouse:

Minimaster: (V) Evil master of shrinking.  Member of the Syndicate of Sins.

Minister Sinister: (V) Member of the Sinister Family.  Brother to Mister Sinister.

Minnie Skirt: Sidekick wannabe.

Minute Man:  That’s minute as in small, he can turn small, to a tiny fraction of a millimeter.  His brother is The Great Strobe.  Member of The Specials.

Minute Men Gang: (V) Henchmen to the super-villain Clock Face.  They are armed with swatches of watches.

Minx Manx:

Mirage Man: Illusionist able to make anyone think they are in a hot desert.

Mirroangelo: (V) Villain armed with a suit of mirrors.

Mirrorman: Armed with his reflective mirror shield, he shows criminals who is the “fairest of them all”.

Miss Adventure: Very, very clumsy and powerful female hero who means well but usually leaves a disaster behind.

Miss Bellbottom: Hero wannabe.

Miss Demeanor: (V)

Miss Indestructible: She has super-strength and indestructible skin.  She is married to The Great Strobe, her uncle was Kid Comet and her cousin is Gray Matter.  She is a member of The Specials.

Miss Inga: (V) Young blonde female assistant to Young Casanova Frankenstein.

Miss Kittka: Acrobat and member of The Amazing Trio.

Mister Atlas: Super strong member of the Super Groovey Super Guys.

Mister Distinguished: (V) Dapper villain and member of the Syndicate of Sins.

Mister Everyman: The master of disguise, can appear as almost anyone and everyone, but never a specific person.

Mister Flabulous:

Mister Furious: Angry super-hero that can temporarily boost his strength.  Member of the Mystery Men.

Mister Goodsocket: Armed with a complete set of socket wrenches and other tools he can fix almost anything.

Mister Invincible: Blessed and cursed with a always on forcefield that protects him from almost everything.  He's enormously fat because the only thing he can enjoy is food; otherwise, he can't touch anything.

Mister Kite:

Mister Machine Gunn:

Mister Magnet:

Mister Martian: A strange visitor from another planet and member of the Senior Citizen’s Squadron.

Mister Mental: (V)

Mister Microphone: Former stage entertainer that due to an accident has had a microphone fused to his hand.  Member of The Irregular Four.

Mister Midniter: (V)

Mister Mime: The most powerful mime in the world, never known to have spoken aloud.

Mister Minister:

Mister Mussel:

Mister Mustard: Can overpower his enemies with his multitudes of various mustards and condiments.

Mister Myopia: (V) Founder, sometime leader and member of The Evil Eyes.  His teen sidekicks and students are Peekaboo and Pupil.

Mister Resistor:

Mister Right:

Mister Roboto: (V) Evil Japanese sentient robot.

Mister Sinister: (V) Leader of the evil family of evil-doers, The Sinister Family.

Mister Smart: Born with amazing intelligence he is the 8-time Rubik’s Cube champion.  Member of The Specials.

Mister Smarty Pants: (V)

Mistress Mayhem: (V) Criminal villainess that causes chaos, wherever she goes.

Mister Monkey:  A monkey that was imbued with the power of speech and intelligent thought after being subjected to radioactivity from Gamma Girl VI’s Atomic Lunchbox.  Now he wears a suit and appreciates European literature and art.  Sometime helper to The Additionals.

Mocker, The: (V) Evil taunter of crime.  Sometimes works with and romantically chases Lady Laugher.

Modem Mike:


Mommy Dearest: Retired super-mom, whose son, Bouncing Baby is now Bouncing Baby Boy a member of the Sidekix.

Monkey Man: (V) Either a man-sized intelligent monkey or a man turned into a large monkey.

Monsteroso: (V)

Monstro: (V) Music loving villain.

Monumental Men: Group of super-heroes consisting of The Mighty Ant, Bumbling Bee, Caped Cod, El Flamingo and Rubber Ducky

Mothman: Flying hero that works with Beetleboy.

Mounstroula: (V) Misunderstood giantess that leaves a path of destruction where ever she goes.  Member of the Lefthanded League.

Mulch, The Incredible: (V) Sickly-brown mindless giant.

Mute Mutt: Deaf animal sidekick to The Muzak Man.  Occassionally assisted The AniPals.

Muzak Man, The: (V) Singing hero assisted by his deaf animal sidekick, Mute Mutt.

Mystery Men: Superteam based in Champion City. Members include Mister Furious, The Blue Raja, The Sphinx, The Shoveler, The Bowler, The Spleen, Invisible Boy and sometimes helped by Doc Heller.

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