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(V) = Villain

Racketeer: (V) Member of The High Rollers.

RADigals Gang: (V) All girl gang.

Radioactive Man: A World War II scientist with the Manhattan Project that gained powers from his exposure to uranium-237.  His six daughters have all assisted him as Gamma Girl.  Pluto his one-time radioactive dog was also his assistant.

Radioactive Woman: Appeared only once in 1955 to save Radioactive Man and Gamma Girl from certain doom at the hands of Dr. Plutonium.

Radiogirl: Sidekick wannabe.

Radioman: Hero wannabe that can receive and transmit any known radio signal.

Ragdoll: Member of the High Fives.

Rally Girl: Another former sidekick to Pitch Man, currently a member of the Sidekix.

Rascal, The: (V) Super villain charmer.

Rasslor: (V) Galactic wrestler that challenges heroes to prove their worth.

Ratman: (V) Vigilante hero/villain depending on who you ask.  His sidekick, Roachboy has turned good and works exclusively with the Sidekix.

Rebel Yell: Southern hero that works with Bugle Boy.

Red Bullfighter: Dressed as a red matidor, this hero also has wings.

Red Eyes Gang, The: (V) Red haired criminal gang that wears red colored goggles, lead by Big Red.

Red Herring, The: (V)

Red Rake: (V) A villain and a cad.

Red Rover Ranger: World traveller and crime fighter.

Red Tapeworm: (V) Member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Referee, The: Hero wannabe.

Regulators, The:

Relics, The:

REMBots: (V) Robots created by Y2Kate.

Replacements, The: On-call second-string super heroes consisting of Cpt. Catfish, Duckman, Hunkster and Supervacman.

Residents, The:

Reverse Psychologist: Hero that makes you think you are doing what you want, but instead youíre doing what he wants.

RibEye: (V) member of Dinerís Club.

Richocet Rabbit:

Ringworm: (V)

Riot Grrl: Sidekick wannabe that tends to go berserk, she is looking for a second chance.

Rising Sons: Japanese Teen team of triplets, Catís Grace, Leaping Lightning and Tigerís Paw.

Roachboy: Former sidekick to the vigilante, Ratman that is also a member of the Sidekix.

Roach Coach: (V) Dirty villain that commands legions of tiny roaches.

Roachella: (V) Insect based villain.

Robobitch: (V) Evil robotess.

Robo Hood: Robotic archer

Rocket Girl: Has a rocket pack handed down from her grandfather, Rocketman I.

Rocketman I & Chimmy the Flying Monkey: World War II Campaign City super-hero, long since retired.

Rocketman II: New rocket pack hero aided by Balloon Boy.

Rockin Robin:

Rock Lobster: Musical hero.  His sidekick is Skateboard Boy.

Rocky the Flying Rooster: Occassionally assisted The AniPals.

Rollergirl: Amazing acrobat that wears roller skates to fight crime.  Member of Femme Five.

Rooter Man: Hero wannabe armed with a plunger and a drain snake.

Rosie the Riveter: (V) Member of The Construction Crew.

Roulette: (V)

Rover Boys Gang: (V)

Rubberband Man: Hero possessing an almost rubbery body that can stretch.  He fights any crime that he can reach with his long arm of the law.

Rubber Ducky: Member of the Monumental Men.

Rubbermaid: Stretchy domestic.

Rubberneck: (V) Evil stretcher and member of the Frankenstein Mobsters.

Rugrat: (V) Toddler villain.

Rumbler, The: (V) Evil former wrestler and member of the Lefthanded League.

Rumbozo: (V) Singing strongman in the Circus du Criminel.

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Last updated 10/10/2016.